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Memorial Day, Mattarella: “There is an implicit and insidious denial” – Politics

Memorial Day, Mattarella: “There is an implicit and insidious denial” – Politics

“The principles that inform the Constitution of our Republic and the Universal Charter of Human Rights are radical denials of the universe that led to Auschwitz. Principles that, unfortunately, we see today threatened in the world by aggressive bloody wars, narrow-minded repression, and summary executions, fueled by the distorted use of social media – anti-Semitism. , intolerance, racism and denial, is the most subtle and insidious form of racism. Sergio MattarellaIn honor of Memorial Day.

“We cannot forget the sufferings of our soldiers – who refused to join the ranks of the Republic of Salou, an ally and ally of the Nazi occupier, and who are locked up in German prison camps – says Mattarella. 650,000 of them represented an act of extreme courage, moral redemption, resistance.

“The system of Auschwitz and the camps connected with it were the result of serious, but direct and inevitable, anti-historical and anti-scientific impulses, brutal instincts, prejudices, harmful theories and petty interests and civilizational conformity. The deadly poisons – racism, aggressive nationalism, dictatorship, leader Worship, deification of the state – it has spread from the early years of the last century, from universities to living rooms, even among artists and teachers, poisoning people, enthralling minds, making hearts and feelings dry”.

“The Fascist regime, in 1938, with the Racial Laws – added Mattarella – acted brutally against a section of our people. In Article 3 of the Constitution, which sought to recognize equal dignity and equality for all citizens, it was of great importance. Even with the expression “without distinction of race”, it was not inclined to implicitly racist theses. Some have suggested that the speech might sound like concessions, but voters believed that it revealed the distance that separated New Italy from New Italy.

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“The Shoah represents the abyss of humanity. An evil that has deeply touched our nation along with the scandal of the Race Laws of 1938. It is our duty to ensure that the memory of those events and what happened is not reduced to a mere exercise in style”. It is written by the Chief Minister Georgia Meloney In a message for Memorial Day.

“It is not enough that we remember today on the International Day of Remembrance: even today the often victimized Jewish communities do not make sense to mourn the murdered Jews if they are not on the side of the living. The dangerous acts of anti-Semitism. But above all it is not remembered if you do not defend a great democratic friend of Italy, the State of Israel, that of the Jews. The state, this is the state of the Jews, welcomed the survivors. The Holocaust, this is a guarantee that nothing like this will happen in the future “. He writes it on social media Silvio Berlusconi In honor of Memorial Day.

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