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Identified by birthmark on neck

Identified by birthmark on neck

Disappeared three years ago in the North California And 1126 km from home in Utah. This is the story of a boy named Conorjack Oswald today 19 years old Suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Seen in the cold: “He wandered around with a shopping cart”

The Boy Found after being detained by police Park City, Utah: The police received several reports about a young man who had been wandering around with a shopping cart near a gas station for several weeks. There Police After spending a night in the cold he stopped and called warm inside the car. The young man did not want to reveal his identity despite being detained several times in the past.

Thanks for the “birthmark on the neck” described by Mom

To identify him, the agents’ site was consulted.National Center for Missing and Exploited Children“Connorjack Oswald’s photo was reported missing in September 2019 in Clearlake, northwest of Sacramento, about 11.5 hours from Summit County, California. Mother’s testimony He said the boy had significant birthmarks on his neck. Police found that the boy also had a specific identity, and Oswald’s stepmother and grandfather met him in person and confirmed that it was Conorjack Oswald.

Conorjack’s family moved from California to Idaho Falls after the boy went missing. According to CNN news, the young man is receiving treatment and assistance and has not yet returned home.

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