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CDM OK to single order on covid and rave. Meloni: “No to an ideological approach to Covid” – Politics

Cabinet approves single order on measures for covid, rave parties and disruptive jails Among the measures determined in the decree was the postponement of the implementation of the Cartabia reform until December 30. Appointment of 31 Deputy Secretaries and 8 Deputy Ministers were also approved. Stop mandatory anti-covid vaccination for doctors and healthcare workers. However, the obligation to wear masks remains in hospitals and RSAs.

Later in the evening, President Sergio Mattarella signed the decree. Head of State also gives green light for appointment of new Deputy Secretaries with Dpr.

Press conference

She takes “proud” of intervention on life sentences. He promises that there will no longer be “an ideological approach” in managing Covid. And it gives the signal that “it is impossible to commit a crime in Italy” by organizing rave parties that become a crime. He promises “stop”, Georgia Meloni promises “stop”, and proudly tells the first real working group of ministers to round out the Cabinet by appointing 39 new Under-Secretaries (8 as Deputy Ministers). As ministers do, there are no “problems” for now, and he guarantees that the group will function “perfectly and enthusiastically” despite reaching a centre-right government led by the FDI, a week after the executive took office. The country is “at a very difficult time for the nation”.

“There is no problem at the moment. I expect commitment and loyalty from my team and I am enjoying them.” It is remembered in parliamentary circles that the President should always judge judgments with great care and not expect them. Although the formula universal was attacked by some sections of Parliament. Postponing criminal justice reform, ending the requirement of vaccinations for health professionals, and cracking down on illegal gatherings have been proposed as the only rule. This immediately drives the opposition to the barricades, PT said. First CDM “betrays electoral expectations” Dems go on the attack, pointing out that secretary Enrico Letta “rewarded no-vox” Giuseppe Conte denounces “zero tolerance” against the outrages of a government that “turns a blind eye” to “Predappio’s black shirts and tax evaders”. But the meeting in Mussolini’s hometown was a “different” case for the minister Matteo Piandosi “which has been held for many years” and Modena. However, a reporter insisted on the sidelines of the press conference that it was an event “remarkably distant from me politically.”

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In short, it rejects the controversy about fascism and anti-fascism, which has been fueled in recent days by the April 25 case. After an hour with ministers to explain the move, he returns to the Palazzo Sigi to open the real game, in which credibility will be played with Brussels, public accounts say. Meloni closes the seat of government and with Giancarlo Giorgetti on the staff of Mef (and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini), he begins to review Nadep’s schedule, which he confirms will be renewed in the next cabinet. On Friday. He knows this, a “race against time” has to be made, but the hope is that the weekend will bring the first steps against the already expensive bills, which will then be concluded with intrigue.

Of course, the premier and owner of Mef should have been negative in third-quarter GDP, instead sighing by half a point. In short, the scenario may turn out to be less bleak than the forecasts up until yesterday. Strengthen the almost 10 billion ‘treasure’ endowment provided by the administration of Mario Draghi and Daniel Franco.

At what is said to be the first “symbolic” act on life imprisonment, he also spoke in a statement of confidence, which affirmed that the “fight against organized crime” is “an objective” of the government and the opposite. The Mafia “can’t take a step back”. Meanwhile, he quips, “I’ve left Minister Nordeo,” showing himself to be a careful reader of the criticism reserved for him. This is vehemently denied, including by those who see a risk to the NRP’s goals by postponing Kardabia reform. He guarantees that the offices will “take a couple of months” to organize themselves, but “there is no risk” that the project will be “compromised”. As if there were no differences of opinion in the formation of the team. Under-secretaries and vice-ministers (Salvini will have two, one from the League and one from the FDI), he assures an internal chat of the representatives and senators of Italy’s brothers, are “chosen on the basis of parliamentary experience. in the specific field”. Of course there were “mediations,” she asserts, because “the theme of female representation” and “territoriality.” But “we promised we’d be fast, and we were”. Because now we really have to run.

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