Monday, July 22, 2024

A tumor weighing more than 70 kg was removed


First, the liquid portion of a cyst, 52 liters, is filtered, then the solid portion, 25 kg, is removed. The patient was transferred to surgical resuscitation and then to diet and clinical nutrition.

“This intervention confirms the excellence of Piedmontese Healthcare, in particular it highlights the ability to operate in a multidisciplinary regime, thanks to the high expertise of the various groups involved in the process. I congratulate the individual specialists, managers of departments and managers. The general management of the Citta della Salute Hospital of Turin, thanks to this rare gravity and complex health situation “We were able to resolve positively. A win for all health workers and patients,” commented the Piedmont Health Regional Councilor. Luigi Genesio Icardi.

Alyssa Ashley, All the Art of a Perfumer

Alyssa Ashley

Alyssa Ashley, All the Art of a Perfumer

The iconic brand presents four new fragrances, each inspired by great works and artists, each capable of painting emotions like a brush stroke on a canvas, communicating itself in a deep and sensual awareness.

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