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Meloni Government, Cabinet today: Latest news

Meloni Government, Cabinet today: Latest news

If the offense is committed by more than 50 persons for the purpose of organizing a meeting that may endanger public order or public safety or public health, the penalty is 3 to 6 years in prison, a fine of 1,000 to 10,000 euros and official proceedings. “.

The same is seen in the decree passed today in the Council of Ministers comprising nine articles on justice and provisions related to Covid. It’s about conflicted rave parties. In case of conviction, “the confiscation of the objects committed or intended to be committed and used to achieve the objects of the occupation shall always be ordered”. A new form of crime, ‘invasion of dangerous gatherings’, was thus introduced, precisely linked to the organization of rave parties. And at the end of the Council of Ministers – it was just and dealt with Covid – Principal Georgia Meloney He spoke for the first time in a press conference.


The Prime Minister was also asked a question about the nostalgic crowd Prepare. “He’s very far from me politically,” Meloney said. While Home Minister Matteo Piandedosi Predappio thus justified the different management of the case and the Modena Rave. “These are completely different things, Predappio is an event that has been going on for years. The owner condemned the rave party”.


The Cabinet approved with urgent measures the implementation of the legislative decree with the reform of the criminal process and the prohibition of the granting of prison privileges to prisoners or prisoners who do not cooperate with justice. “A symbolic arrangement to be proud of,” he says Georgia Meloney, refers to a condition that also affects members of organized crime. Reform of criminal trial initiated Marta Cordabia, PM assures “PNNR is in no danger of losing funds”. He also attended a press conference to present the measures Carlo NordioNew Justice Minister: “Adjournment allows us to deal with an institutional mess”.

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Bruno Frattaci He was also appointed Chancellor of Rome.


Actions on Covid with the expectation that the vaccination mandate for healthcare workers will end by November 1. Instead, the end of mandatory face-masks in hospitals and the RSA fading (“We never thought not to go in this direction, it was a shared choice with the Prime Minister, no second thought”), to the health minister. Horacio Schillaci) “No to an ideological approach to the epidemic,” says the Prime Minister.

Covitt, Meloni: “The Adequate Ideological Approach: Virus Becomes Propaganda Object”

“The context of the previous administration was that there were inconclusive actions taken by governments that lacked basic scientific evidence.” Secretary’s Comment Pd Enrico Letta: “Government’s First Act No Walks”.


In the coming days, the Deputy Ministerial Committee will be given to eight Deputy Secretaries: Foreigners Edmundo Cirelli (FdI), to justice Francesco Paolo Sisto (FI), for economics Mauricio Leo (Fdi), to the Ministry of Enterprises Valentino Valentini (FI), for environment Vannia Kava (LEGA), Infrastructure and Transport Galeazzo bigname (Fdi) e Edoardo Rixi (LEGA), Labor and Social Policies Maria Teresa Bellucci (Fdi).

Here is the complete list of undersecretaries closing the system of government, with the approval of the list in the Cabinet. Foreign: Giorgio Chili And Maria Tripodi; For interior: Emmanuel Briscoe, Wanda Ferro, Nicola Molteni. Justice: Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedov, Andrea Ostellari. Security: Isabella Rowdy And Matteo Perego; Economy: Lucia Albano, Federico Freni And Sandra Savino. Put: Fasta Bergamot, Massimo Bidonci. Mild: Claudio Barbaro. Agriculture: Patrizio La Pietra And Luigi D’Eramo. Infrastructure and Transport: Tullio Ferrante. Labor and Social Policies: Claudio Durrigan; Instruction: Paola Frascinetti. University and Research: Augusta Montaruli. Culture: Gianmarco Massi, Lucia Borgonzoni And Vittorio Scarpi. Health: Marcello Gemmato. Relations with Parliament: Giuseppina Castiello And Matilde Siracusano. Deputy Secretaries of the Council: Alessio Putti (innovation) Giovanbattista Fassolari (Project Implementation) Alberto Baracchini (release) Alessandro Morelli (Cipe).

Great satisfaction by the Deputy Chief Minister Matteo Salvini “I am also proud of the government team of the League, strengthened with Deputy Ministers and Deputy Secretaries, for the first measures for the determination of justice and punishment, for Covid and public health, security and the fight against illegality”. Now the next CDM is set for November 4, when the Nadef, economic and financial planning document will be examined.