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Carolyn Smith declares two special dates: 'Every woman should have it'

Carolyn Smith declares two special dates: 'Every woman should have it'

Caroline Smith announced in a video to her followers two important dates to mark on the calendar: Here's what's coming up.

Caroline Smith (

Carolyn Smith She has always been committed to sending messages of strength and hope, especially to women: there are many initiatives she has taken over time, including supporting women with cancer. And now the former dancer announces two new dates to put on the calendar: they are related to the project “I am a woman first“.

Carolyn Smith: Fighting the disease but with a smile

Caroline Smith has been defined as a “warrior” and “lioness” in many ways, all of them most apt: The former dancer and “Dancing with the Stars” judge for many years has faced an uphill battle, on several occasions, against the pack. cancer. Smith said he is currently undergoing treatment again, because the disease reappeared in the summer of 2023.

It is not an easy path, it affects her even in the simplest things, but Caroline Smith always speaks about it, at least publicly. He smiles. She appears with the same smile while dancing during a chemotherapy session: To cancer patients, especially women, she says, “Go ahead, don’t stop and don’t lose hope.”

Carolyn Smith's IG post.

Caroline Smith's post on IG (

And in his simple way he helps them do this Initiatives Tailored to them, such as specific dance lessons. But also the projectI am a woman first“, for which the choreographer recently announced two important dates.

Caroline Smith announces two dates not to be missed

Let's cancel expectations and Social laws About female beauty“, says the bio of the Instagram page “I am a woman first”, the project launched by Caroline Smith that includes a jewelry line dedicated to women, but above all a clothing line that is one size fits all. “My size“My Size,” they call it on the brand’s website, to send a strong, clear message: We’re eliminating size classification, to enhance the beauty of everything. Without a Beside.

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The project has many supporters among Carolyn Smith's followers, who do not stop praising her for what she continues to do to support women, to the point that Smith recently had to apologize for the delay in deliveries due to the many orders she received. The choreographer then posted a video in which she announced the two date It is very important to mark.

It's about 19 Born in April 29These are the days when, as Smith explains in the video, “I Am a Woman First” will launch a new campaign jewel And a new one Maxi shirt. The jewel, as we now know it, is the “molded kiss” medallion, a symbol of femininity. As for the shirt, we will have to be patient a little longer, but Caroline assures us: “It is something every woman should own“.