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Little Talladega, AirBnb with a private circuit

Little Talladega, AirBnb with a private circuit

Heaven is located in Pomona, Missouri, in the US: Well, maybe this is not the classic paradise with little angels and piles of white clouds, but it is without a doubt a paradise for all car enthusiasts. We’re talking about an AirBnb called Little Talladega, villa from 12 beds, 6 bathrooms and several kitchens, completely surrounded by The circuit is available to guests.

The circle sure isn’t gigantic, but it’s wide enough to give yourself a little health drift Or to organize competitions with me mini racing car a maximum of 15 participants; It is drop shaped and even small industrial bend. There is also a dirt track where you can run with the quads provided on site, or you can decide on it Explore the surrounding forest Always aboard the above mentioned ATVs.

But that’s not all: if you’re tired of having a circuit on hand – I don’t think that happens often, but it’s still a possibility – there’s certainly no shortage of alternative forms of entertainment, thanks to having games room, from a field from Tennis, one of Basket and the last of baseball, children’s playground, a Swimming poolPool table, dance floor and much more.

There is no doubt that the place is designed and intended for car enthusiasts, and you can also understand it by furnishing some of the bedrooms: two of them are already furnished family shaped carOne in JDM style and one in the shape of a pickup truck!

It’s really a shame that this great AirBnb is on the other side of the Atlantic, otherwise it would be the next destination for a weekend getaway with friends or a stag party. At least for the time being, we’ll have to postpone a visit to Little Talladega.