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“No uterus, no 200k but still great.”

“No uterus, no 200k but still great.”

Harley Zuriati, Avari Toy competitor from Friuli Venezia Giulia, is fighting cancer but celebrating her 40th birthday: “Without a uterus, without two hundred thousand euros but still great.”

Harley Zuriate, A very nice competitor from Friuli Venezia Giulia told her story to Affari Tuoi. The girl is still fighting uterine cancer In the next few days he will have to undergo another surgery. At the same time, the girl posted pictures from her birthday party on social media. He turned 40 and celebrated with his partner, Andrea. The post on Instagram referring to the unfortunate match in the format hosted by Amadeus: “No uterus, no 200k but still great!”

Who is Harley Zuriati, the racer who suffers from cancer and is the hero of the novel Avary Toy?

Harley Zuriati is the competitor from Friuli Venezia Giulia who tried to win the €200,000 Affari Tuoi, but unfortunately to no avail. His story touched Rai1 viewers because, as he said during the episode, he faces his battle against cancer with a smile. Her name is Harley because her father is an enthusiastic Harley Davidson motorcycle driver. During the episode, Harley explained her position:

I had a serious illness that gave me great willpower and courage to believe in myself. I take this opportunity, I salute all cancer patients, I am currently facing the disease, I am a cancer patient and will have surgery soon, this gives me the strength to refuse to move forward.

“I discovered this game during chemotherapy”

Harley Zuriati said she discovered Avary Toy specifically because she was forced to stay home receiving chemotherapy: “I discovered this game during chemotherapy. If it wasn't for the illness, I wouldn't know this game. Today I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the illness. Anyone who has the character to overcome the challenges life presents to you has a duty to reach out and give strength to others.” Unfortunately, the match didn't go well for Harley because he had a €200,000 package which he then changed, eventually winning “only” €20,000. Which is why she joked herself on social media: “No uterus, no 200k, but still great.”

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