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Buffon can stay in the Italian league

Buffon can stay in the Italian league

Just over a month before the end of the tournament, the blitz was in Turin Mino Raiola Already brought Market move On top of the fans’ attention despite the opinions, there is the championship European With Italy expected from among the supporters.

The well-known Dutch Italian agent met my manager Juventus To talk about the future of some of its customers. In addition to Matthijs De Ligt, who could soon discuss a contract renewal with the Bianconeri to avoid attacking the big players in Europe, the strong names on the board were those of Moise Kane e Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker is Juventus’ first choice as a main striker for next season if Alvaro Morata is not confirmed, while the goalkeeper’s prices are rising as the new ultra-defender of Turin side.

Renewing with Milan has actually become more difficult because the gap between the request to participate (10 million) and the bid (7) does not seem destined for a fix, so Juventus is lurking. The latest non-exciting offers for Wojcic Szczecine They pushed the Juventus management to understand the room for maneuver of what would be the summer deal.

Juventus, intends to raise money from sales Adrien Rabiot Ed Aaron Ramsey, Who arrived two years earlier on a free transfer and was thus set to turn into an interesting capital gain, and he is not afraid to invest in salary terms for the national team goalkeeper, but he will first have to find a viable buyer for Chesney himself, almost certain abroad.

If the pole sale does not materialize, in fact, Donnarumma’s coup may risk jumping in and with it an interesting thing Dominoes for goalkeepers Which will include Serie A and beyond.

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In fact, Milan had already taken precautions by taking the information with Lille Mike Minyan, While Inter e Rome Ready to go face to face with the Argentine from Udinese Juan Musso, With the favorites of Giallorossi. To close the circle suggesting a landing Gigi Buffon All’Atalanta, The scenario featured by ‘La Repubblica’ that is gaining momentum in the past hours.

The Juventus flag wants to live last season as a start in Serie A in a high-profile club that might be a champion in Champions League And the goddess, who will take part in the third in a row in the most important competition, will be the ideal choice. At that point, Juventus were completing the goalkeeping group by returning Emil Odero from Sampdoria or Mattia Perrin from Genoa to Turin as favorites to finish second after Gigio Donnarumma.

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