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Blue lights, they will soon start installing them on new models |  They were designed specifically for this reason

Blue lights, they will soon start installing them on new models | They were designed specifically for this reason


There are innovations in our cars, which go beyond technical and structural quality and, in the context of a continuous path of improvement and perfection, also aim to achieve an aesthetic and functional leap. That's by saying?

Improving the image of the car and at the same time its functionality: beauty and performance combined perfectlyMothers' homes'From which cars come out with some amazing innovations. For example?

One symbolic case is the case of blue lights: one New entry This causes a lot of talk not only among professionals, but also among the public and the media. Soon they will be present in new models. But none of them Models?

What will be the cars and above all Brand Who will be able to rely on this innovation and for what purpose, more than anything else, specifically it will be used Blue lights? What is the main reason behind their birth?

Let's analyze everything in order, starting with the main data: What car and brand are we talking about? Well, it's about Mercedes. The reference color for these lights is yes They promise innovation Then what will it be?

Turquoise blue light what is its use in cars

These are the blue lights as mentioned but specifically the lights The turquoise type. The first brand it launched was Mercedes, which once again presents itself as a leader in this field Innovations And “the first time”, as is often the case indeed past. the light Blue s Turquoise They will be present in very specific cars: that is, those that will operate without the intervention of A driver, Its meaning will be precisely this, that is, to be immediately It has been identified Once in street.

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Simply put, every user and driver notices the lights Turquoise He will know it immediately Machine The person you cross paths with isn't just anyone, so you'll be able to understand that as a yes deal with from U.S car without driver. So the parent company started this new company Operational phase iWhere, precisely, as we said at the beginning, style and elegance combine with profound tangible utility, it is Mercedes that gets the nod in this sense. Mercedes got permission to United State, In detail in states Nevada And based on California, To use a kind of new experimental and innovative self-driving mechanism The third level, Which everyone knows today as Drive Pilot.

Turquoise light for pilots driving

In practice, the Germans launched the idea of ​​”recognizing” cars without it the ball Specifically with a color that enables them to be recognized immediately when they are on the road, because until now there seems to be no real regulation, in this sense, leading to the recognition of cars with Test drive mode It is clear that the main reason why these blue lights are important is related to safety, as this is the “hybrid” stage in which “conventional” cars are used and those with Pilot command It needs rules and protocols aimed at Reducing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, seeing a car driving itself can come as a shock to those who find themselves on the road, and since this possibility no longer concerns… Science fiction categoryA, any attempt to find a principled solution to the problems associated with this historical transformation is a good thing He accepts. The decision comes to focus on the turquoise color Three basic reasons: It is light Kiara H Visible, Different from all the others you're used to, and don't relate to There is no kind of signage The current path and above all it is Away Come on three the principle colors, Yellow, red and the same color blue that “looks like” and which is used with green and orange for different reasons in street.

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