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Charter to attract digital nomads

Charter to attract digital nomads

Charter to attract digital nomads. On the other hand, Airbnb will promote Brindisi and its Puglia province – which this summer have been identified as one of 20 global hubs to be promoted as backpacker-friendly digital destinations – as a suitable destination for long-term remote work. On the other hand, the local authorities will offer a series of concessions to facilitate this type of accommodation for Italians and foreigners. The announcement came today during a press conference in Brindisi as Airbnb, which has adopted a flexible working policy with the pandemic, moved its Italian headquarters temporarily, with employees who will work from equipped homes available on the site.


Millions of people live and work more flexibly today. For this they can travel to thousands of cities and countries, where they stay for weeks, months or even whole seasons. In 2021, 1 in 5 guests used Airbnb to work remotely on their trips – a trend that continued into the first quarter of 2022, as long-term stays reached an all-time high, doubling from the same period in 2019.

A unique opportunity also for Italian hosts, given that only in the first three months of the year the platform saw an increase in searches for individual travel and long-term travel in our country by 90% compared to the same pre-pandemic period. According to research conducted by Airbnb on their community, hosts use the extra income generated by hosting to counteract the rising cost of living. Almost one in every host (48%) said hosting on the platform allowed them to stay in the house they lived in, while 40% was necessary to make extra income to make ends meet.

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Several activities will be developed over the next few months. Airbnb will soon publish a dedicated page,, which will feature both ads with features suitable for digital nomads (wi-fi, workstation, special offers for stays longer than 28 days) and information management practices. A series of communication campaigns will be developed to reach Airbnb users around the world and give a vision to the province of Brindisi and Puglia as destinations, insisting on hospitality and promoting this new travel idea.

Finally, the company is promoting and increasing the offer of digital housing for nomads in the region and among the host community: a seminar for property owners interested in seizing the opportunity is scheduled for 8 November in Brindisi. For remote work, you can still sign up on this page. The event is aimed at both those who want to start a hosting business and those who are already hosting on Airbnb. The current Airbnb team will provide tips on how to get started on this platform and how to improve your ad in order to better understand this new question. For interested digital nomads, the city of Brindisi and the county has developed a smart work package that includes, among other things: free public co-working spaces throughout the county; Free for events and discounts on catering, businesses, experiences, and transportation.

“Remote work and long-term stays represent an important opportunity for destinations that want to open up to this challenge. At this moment of economic uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, hospitality can represent a significant role in this challenge,” said Giacomo Trovat, Regional Director of Airbnb Italy. A home is an important resource for many Italian families who may find it difficult to make ends meet.

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“We are focusing on remote work for tourism but above all as an opportunity for Brindisi to attract business, investments and talent, to encourage employment in our lands, and at the same time create the necessary services and conditions. It is an unusual and ambitious path, shared by the region,” said Emma Taveri, tourism consultant for the municipality of Brindisi. Puglia and many local facts.

“Digital nomadism is opening the doors to an increasingly transformative tourism. Puglia is the perfect place to rethink the value of time devoted to work by immersing itself in the landscape, culture, art, food and wine of the regions, in a renewed experience. This drives the region of Puglia, together with the administrations and operators , to tailor and improve the services provided in line with business and business models geared towards flexibility, sustainability and employee well-being.According to the recent study by Passport-Photo.Online, released by Sole24Ore, 85% of digital nomads are satisfied with their work, and nearly 56% of those who adopt these Philosophy They stay in the same place for fixed periods of 1-2 weeks Months All this favors quality tourism and diversified seasonal flows In partnership with Airbnb, Brindisi and its county have given shape to an unprecedented upgrade and improvement project We are confident that it is a springboard that brings opportunities and that we will support developments future.” Announces tourism consultant in the Puglia region, Gianfranco Luban.

Airbnb has also provided a guide on remote working to assess the phenomenon, including benign examples and statements demonstrating the benefits to local communities. Designed for destinations, it brings together public data, Airbnb guides, and best practices gathered through collaborations with 20 destinations identified by Live & Work Anywhere that can serve as an example and inspiration for other sites. The teleworking revolution is particularly interesting for small towns and rural communities. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, more than 8,100 destinations have seen Airbnb stays for the first time.

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