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All companies to be renewed – Il Tempo

All companies to be renewed – Il Tempo

Waltz notes will also be heard in 2024. After the 2023 round that saw, between reconfirmations and new entries, renewal at the head of major public companies (from Eni to Leonardo, from Enel to Post, via Terna), the year that is about to begin It will also have a year and be no less rich than other major public companies, such as Ferrovie dello Stato, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Rai. But not only. The race to renew the Confindustria summit to elect a new president is also about to begin. Therefore, important appointments of public companies of strategic importance to the national economy: just think of the leadership role of groups like FS and CDP in putting PNRR projects on the ground. Just a few days ago, FS CEO Luigi Ferraris reported that investments were heading towards €14-15 billion. Boards of directors end when the financial statements close, i.e. in the spring and summer. But we will have to see what the timing of the decisions is. This tour actually comes in the midst of the European elections that will be held in Italy on June 9. This may have weight in light of the results of the ballot boxes.

The premiership, justice, and more tax cuts: these are the three challenges facing the government

The hiring whirlwind is also affecting countless public companies. The FS, in turn, will have to appoint the leaders of Anas, Positalia and Italver. The CDP, in turn, will have to appoint Fintecna's top management. Also on the horizon is an “electoral” return of Confindustria, the business association that will have to elect Carlo Bonomi's successor at the head of the Viale dell'Astronomia. A game that has already begun, between rumors and hypotheses, immediately after the General Assembly was held on September 15, the last for the current president, and which will come to life shortly with the drawing of the members of the Appointments Committee next January. To explore the needs and desires of the regions and the Confindustria system. In fact, major maneuvers, alliances and agreements will begin to take shape then, in that month and a half in which the Commission, once the consultation round has concluded, will draw up a shortlist of candidates who express the majority of the will of the people. Al-Qaeda. But the starting network of entrepreneurs who can accept the nomination, which should arrive on April 4 when the Federation's General Council convenes and will vote on the president-designate, appears to be emerging.

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Mattarella brings together the majority and the opposition for the agreement: a one-day truce

The latest rumors, in chronological order, according to Adnkronos, Eduardo Garrone, president of Erg and Sole 24 Ore, are among the big data of favorites. However, the prices of the president of Confindustria Veneto, Enrico Carraro, and Antonio Gozzi, president of the Doferco Group, also seem to be rising. However, the names of a group of current Vice-Presidents of Confindustria, who have already appeared in the first hours, will also remain in the field, namely Giovanni Brugnoli, Alberto Marenghi, Emanuele Orsini and Maurizio Sterpi. It is therefore expected that the baton will be passed next April, and will be made official, after the appointment of the General Council, by a vote of the Special Assembly next May. The first test that the new president will have to quickly deal with is the renewal of the metalworkers' contract which expires on June 30 but has already been cancelled, 6 months ago, by the blue suits of CGIL, CISL and UIL.