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Big Finale with Europe E.. (Episode One)

Big Finale with Europe E.. (Episode One)

Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 Live Episode 1 with Amadeus, live commentary

There is, too Team 84 for the grand end of Episode 1 of the ring ’60’ 70′ 80. Amadeus, she thanks the audience in the stands, as well as the spectators and socialites. “If you like the party, I invite you back next Saturday for episode two,” said the Raiuno house host. Meanwhile, the Europe For a strong closing, just like an opening. Same song, same enthusiasm, Europe closes with sweet applause Final countdown, soundtrack to a hit movie like Rocky. So the ’60’ 70′ 80 Arena will be back next Saturday October 3rd with a new episode and new guests. Music’s time travel continues… (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Ivana Spania screams

The Episode 1 of the ring ’60’ 70′ 80 It continues to engage artists of different genres, who have marked different eras with their music. There are those who continue to do this, and in this sense Amadeus is happy to announce and review Ivana Spania. The singer dominates the stage with great enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm held for her by the people of Veronese.

“We don’t remember, we live”, Amadeus comments after Spain’s performance. “This broadcast is just a time machine. And now we’re all in our 80s,” conductor continues. The party is going on but it’s nearing the grand finale, with a string of guests expected in the line-up. it’s up to Sergio Caputo Rejoice in the square, while fans of the great Ivana Spania wake up on social networks, just take a vacation to applaud. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Amadeus, a fable of a festivalbar

Sandy Marton The protagonist is on Raiuno with a piece the audience loves, People From Ibiza. The Arena is unleashed, once again, before making way for one of the many tales told by Amadeus. “I have many memories here in Verona Arena between Festivalbar and concerts,” explains the host. “And there – he says, pointing to one of the highest sectors – I remember the square was crowded, and it was 79 years old and I remember a wonderful, joyful explosion there when I arrived Alain Sorrenti You are the only woman for me.”

And here he is, then, Alain Sorrenti. On stage in Verona, there is space to appear, before the arrival of beautiful Tracy Spencer with the song Run to me. Amadeus got into the mood and danced as if he was one of the audience. A moment of lightness and music in the House of Rai with the first episode of Arena ’60’ 70′ 80 This takes us back in time, between great successes and artists who were never forgotten. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

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Bis by Loredana Bertè and Socials Rush

And here we are again Umberto Tozzi, who sings Gloria, and Loredana Berti with Sei Bellissima. Amadeus calls this last piece a true hymn and invites the square to sing it together. Meanwhile, charitable comments are proliferating on social media towards the legend Loredana, who asserts that she is the Queen of the Evening. But the first episode of Arena ’60’ 70′ 80 He goes on with another great character of Italian music, which Amadeus performs with great fanfare.

Let’s go back to the sixties, when someone decided to start summer. It started when I listened to songs like Bronzatissima or Guarda Come Dondolo. In short, we are talking about Edoardo Vianello.” and she is, Eduardo VianelloThe stage won thunderous applause from the audience. A nice jump in time, rink dance and have fun. He is instantly craving…. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

The protagonist is Umberto Tozzi

Samantha Fox Rake the Verona Arena touch me NS Amadeus Getting ready to respond on stage Umberto Tosi and Loredana Berti, by popular demand. “Umberto Tozzi will sing Gloria,” the host announced enthusiastically. While Loredana Bertie He’ll give away some other pieces of his repertoire. also space for Europe Which opened the evening with great force, with the famous piece The Final Countdown, the soundtrack to the movie Rocky.

Meanwhile, on social media, fans of Orietta Berti and Loredana Bertè made their voices heard, commenting on their performance in an enthusiastic tone. This appreciation is very much welcomed by the social audience Arena ’60’ 70′ 80 Dedicated to the wonderful and unforgettable Raffaella Carrà, an enduring green icon of music and entertainment in our country. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

A standing ovation to all Orita Berti

Great vibes at Verona Arena as the highly anticipated arrives Orita Berti. After her success at the Sanremo Festival and this summer with the song Mill, Orita Berti enjoyed all the love of the fans. The singer thanks the applause and when Amadeus asks her the secret to such a long and satisfying career, she ignores her. “It’s beautiful,” she said excitedly. And on the fans’ love: “Thanks to Amadeus, who took me to Sanremo last February.”

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“I met at the Sanremo Festival videos, who gave me a mile, together with Achille. It was a lottery thanks to the crowd,” continues Bertie. An open applause for the singer-songwriter, who leaves and makes room for the other guests in the lineup. Enthusiasm rises in the ring, but also on social networks as fans make themselves heard. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Tribute to Raffaella Cara

Light up the party at Verona Arena Europe and continues with Loredana Berti and Umberto Tozzi. We dance and sing, to the delight of Amadeus who shakes his memories of his first encounters with Loredana Berti: “It is a great honor to be here today with you.” Bertie reciprocates and enjoys the warmth of the ring asking for a show. But the lineup is too long and there is no time.

Amadeus sings star children and presents Alain Sorrenti. It’s a piece, Sons of Stars, in vogue at the end of the ’70s that’s always green. Then in honor of the successes of the great Raffaella Carrà, with the best of the. “Rafaela Cara would have loved this party so much because she loved seeing the audience have fun,” Amadeus says enthusiastically. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Amadeus message

Little is missing for The first episode of Arena ’60’ 70′ 80, the live event from Verona Arena to bring to life the great heroes of Italian music. We will follow the episode together, with a special focus on the guests who will take turns on stage. To lead the legendary evening Amadeus, who said he was very excited on the eve of this great party.

A party that wants, in a way, to carry a message of optimism and hope for the future, a carefree evening as a symbol of reboot. But not only: “The heroes of these 30 years will be present in the Arena live to make everyone sing and dance. It will be for all the young ones who know these timeless songs and the least young ones who want to be remembered. For me it is a great feeling, a debut”, Said the famous conductor of the band. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80: Previews and prime time live Sept 25

Amadeus Ready to start playing the file Arena Suzuki ’60’ 70′ 80, an event in which great artists will perform many performances. A big affection for the conductor, who anticipated what awaits us at Rai 1. “There will be two evenings of great celebration for everyone with some of the music heroes of these 30 years who will be present at the Arena live to make everyone sing and dance. An evening for the little ones who know these timeless songs and the young ones who They want to be remembered. For me it is a great emotion, for the first time. – he confessed to the conductor, remembering that – this is my first time as conductor in an arena, although I grew up in Verona, it never happened in my career, not even at the time Festival Bar. (Update by Anna Montesano)

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Amadeus leads a great musical evening

On Saturday, September 25, in prime time, Ryuno broadcasts Arena Suzuki ’60’ 70′ 80, is the first of two evenings dedicated to Italian and world music of the sixties, seventies and eighties, which, with new genres and sounds, influenced the discography that followed. Two event evenings to be organized by the inspirational and fascinating Arena de Verona which, after hosting the SEAT Music Awards, returns to welcome the great names of music to a true party dedicated to the music of the past.

The owner will be like a real Veronese Amadeus Who, on stage at Verona Arena, will also return to dress as deejay. From behind the console, which will be one of the scene’s primary cores, it will allow the audience and guests to listen to its playlist.

All First Evening Guests at Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80

On the stage of the Verona Arena, during the first evening of the day Arena Suzuki ’60’ 70′ 80 This is the Italian and international artists of those years Europe, Loredana Berti, Umberto Tosi, Alain Sorrenti, Orita Berti, Johnson Regera, Sandy Marton, Maurizio Vandelli, Samantha Fox, Eduardo Vianello, Tracy Spencer, Sergio Caputo, Spain.

The great music of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, with all the heroes providing timeless songs live, because even Generation Z knows these songs perfectly”“We’re talking about three decades with a strong musical personality, characters who are still protagonists of evenings and concerts and very current successes,” Amadeus told Microphones Rtl 102.5.

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