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You were a good bad guy

You were a good bad guy

“Ursula is wonderful, I think many are intrigued by her ugliness,” she explained in her last interview. “Playing a bad character is heaven. I grew up as a good bad guy.”

she died Pat Carolthe Disney world actress who voiced the character she grew out of Ursula Neither the little Mermaid. The translator, who passed away at the age of 95, was anxiously awaiting the release of the film Live action of the little mermaid Which will be released soon, he said in his last interview released in April 2022. Ursula is great, I think many are fascinated by her evils, I have explained. “Playing a good character can be difficult, while playing a bad character is heaven. I grew up as a good bad guy.”

Pat Carroll’s career

Her career is filled with many roles on TV, but the most famous is probably the role of the housewife in the series The Danny Thomas Show From 1960. The cinema knew her for her work in dubbing and her unforgettable role as Ursula, the sea witch who voiced her in the first film of The Little Mermaid and in all the adaptations that followed. In 2005, he also played a character in Emergency doctors on the front lines In 2007, she became the first female director of Intercontinental Television in Houston, Texas.

Dream of working for a Disney movie

Not only the little MermaidDubbing at Disney World has accompanied Pat Carroll throughout his career. He voiced several characters, starting with The Pup Scooby DooThen to the cartoon Traveling with Bebo and several baby mouse In the 2000s, until his last work in 2010 with Sami’s adventures. “All my life I wanted to work in a Disney movie”, Tell the actress in an interview. “When they called me I was happy. “Would you like to do a casting for a Disney movie?” my agent told me. And I said, “Jesus, of course I do.” And then the dream came true, and they caught me in one of the best Disney movies, The Little Mermaid. “

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