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Big brother Vip, Jessica and Barù are closer, here's what happened on social media

Big brother Vip, Jessica and Barù are closer, here’s what happened on social media

La Selassié returns to Instagram with an unexpected gesture.

After the victory in the sixth edition of big brother vipAnd the Jessica SelassieToday, she returned on social media to thank her for the great support and affection given to her by the audience, who rewarded her with victory. After the victory, the young princess, having finished the ritual interviews with the first pronouncements of victory, returned to her home in Rome to embrace her family again, while barrowa third-ranked Tuscan winemaker, immediately went to sea, he said in Casa di Cinecitta.

After the TV adventure, all eyes are on”gyro“This is the strong bond that has developed between Jessica and Barrow whose results are still uncertain. after The post shared by Jessicahas arrived An unexpected and welcome social movement From the ex Givino who started following her on Instagram, she was immediately reciprocated by the princess. A long-awaited and tormented follow-up for fans who still dream of a happy ending to this fairy tale.

at the same time JessicaTomorrow he will be recording the Verissimo episode while on Sunday at 19.30 he creates a live Instagram account with his sisters Clarissa and Lulu.

The message on Instagram for Jessica Selassie after winning Big Brother Vip 6.

“Here I am…don’t believe me, but never happier. This is my first post after 6 months of my daily life. I wanted to thank you all for your continued support and appreciation for who I am from the start. It was months of self-discovery that led me to the birth of Amazing new. You surprised me, and surprised me too. “Thank you” will never be enough. I will fill you with kisses and hugs to be grateful for everything. But soon, very, very soon, we will truly cuddle. Thanks also to Alfonso Signorini and Senior Brother Vape for allowing me to live this crazy experience I love you so much. Jess.”

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