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Milan Fashion Week Giorgio Armani puts the emotion of the sea in his clothes and quotes Leopardi's Infinity: "Times, in my opinion, require this"

Milan Fashion Week Giorgio Armani puts the emotion of the sea in his clothes and quotes Leopardi’s Infinity: “Times, in my opinion, require this”

This time he came out on the podium alone and it couldn’t have been otherwise. There is everything Giorgio Armani In this new Women’s Spring / Summer 2022 Collection. It is Armani’s thought that becomes tangible, the apotheosis of the designer’s stylistic coherence, an exercise in style that shapes the fabric of emotion, recreating the suggestions emanating from the sea waves in the background. It is clothing of purer beauty, refined clothing of metaphysical harmony that elevates the observer to another ethereal celestial dimension, making him Live the real experience of that endless leopardian feeling that inspired the designer. Thanks to the intimate and warm atmosphere of the historical theater on Via Borgonuovo, the pity is so tangible, that King George’s eyes sparkle with passion and satisfaction to see that originality pay offBeing completely honest and being self-absorbed is not only rewarding, it is the only way not to break the rock of time that you are, in fact, overcoming. And so, for the first time, he allows himself a habit, He showers in the crowd and goes out to applaud the crowd outside From his building on Via Borgonuovo 21, he fills with passion and support, the lifeblood that must be faced these days.

Today we want to be cute, to be in love, and to have someone fall in love with us – Says Giorgio Armani – We want to restore lost relationships due to the world heading towards a dubious situation. We keep what we have with our teeth, we have the land: we try to save it and ourselves. The historic theater in Via Borgonovo was the backdrop for the fashion shows that many remember and represent for me Jamali founding moment. The decision to re-emerge in this space is linked to the desire to restore a more intimate and intimate dimension with the Giorgio Armani collection. It is a return to the origins without any nostalgia.” The only sense of nostalgia is that summer is just over: The show begins with a film of waves, slow waves, lazily gliding on the shore, dazzling the viewer with the iridescent reflections that the sun’s rays weave on the surface of the sea. At first the sky is clear and clear, in the early morning the night mist fades and matches the blue and white with bright touches of red as you walk down the platform. The jackets are softly structured, and the soft pants move to the beat of the music. “I want to disturb you … resting on the wave of the sea, the sea …‘, Nico Fidenco sings in the background, the first track to the soundtrack that references the Italian song classics about the sea and summer. ‘I love these pieces,’ says Armani. As a savior of the country. They remind me of 40 years ago when I started and these songs accompanies my work: This combination of things convinced me to step up a bit.”

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And so the clothes flow one by one and coincide with the development of the colors of the sky and the sea: from daylight slowly pass to the warmth of sunset, and then night. And this sea has no sea, It’s the MediterraneanWhat Eugenio Pinato sings, crAbout the peoples and influences we find in arabesque forms of wide pants as skirts and long tunics suits; in sizes that are reduced to the bottom and serve as a counterpoint to the small beaded tops; In crochet scarves and hats that always keep the head covered. And again, in flat shoes, open at the toe or tie around the foot. The movement becomes imperceptible in the dusty and airy cascade of grays, the pale blues and greens of the basic jackets and long, fluffy skirts. Color explodes in a kaleidoscope of gypsy signs made of juxtaposition of red and purple, of spontaneous interlacing games. And when evening comes, a riot of shiny, weightless clothes, Which barely touches the body and in which the veil of layers of tulle creates amazing melting colors, with crystals and sequins playing with light like sunbeams on sea waves. It’s a wardrobe that looks straight From Scheherazade’s wardrobearabian princess One Thousand and One Nights.

“Mixing suggestions has always been a part of my language: I pick up cues and colors everywhere, then work on subtraction, purification, preserving their echo – concludes the designer -. This collection is a métissage: a mixture of influences and travel memories. Times, in my opinion, require thisIt’s King George’s credo and “Shipwreck” is “sweet in this sea…”.