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Between passion and marketing ~ Formula 1

Between passion and marketing ~ Formula 1

If in recent years it has become almost a norm to see athletes strolling the fields of Formula 1, guests of the stables that fill the grid, it rarely happens that we see them in the audience as simple enthusiasts who want to follow the races.

Instead, it’s easier to see Flyers in the audience of sporting events like the NBA, NFL, UEFA Champions League or, more recently, the World Cup in Qatar – corporate invitation or not.

Why this difference?

As with many other things in the world of sports, there is a matter of marketing involved here as well.

To promote Formula 1 we go to other sports

For years, Formula 1 risked passing as an elite sport, reserved for the richest and oldest. Young people were getting out of this world, until the update carried out by Liberty Media starting in 2017 intervened.

Among the interventions is also the opening of this sport to guests from other sports who can pass it more and more popular among the people.

Just think how much everyone in the US loves to follow basketball and football… Bringing the legends of these sports onto the Formula 1 circuit and creating synergies between these sports and the motor world on race weekends implies bringing the normally uninterested people in the world of engines, in this world.

Why yes, there are those who watch the entire race just for the sake of it spot his favorite basketball player or to see his idol wave the checkered flag at the end.

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In the 2021 season, Formula 1 signed agreements with CONI and the NBA, which led Marcel Jacobs (100m Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo) to stand in front of the individual benches before the start of the Monza Grand Prix and Shaquille O. Neil to reward the winners of the prize race The Grand Prix of the United States – taking the place that usually belonged to figures with much greater authority.

Jacobs standing in front of the individual seats, Image credits:

Monza 2022 Celebrity Parade

Even in the season that just ended, there was no shortage of athletes present at Paddock. Thinking, for example, of Monza we remember – in addition to the influencers and dignitaries of various kinds – also personalities like Giroud, Ibrahimovic, Rebic, Calabria and De Ketelaere. Also present was the coach of the Italian national football team, Roberto Mancini.

Also present were guests from the world of motors, in particular from MotoGP: Bastianini and Bagnaia.

Also seen is Patrice Evra, a former Brazilian player who is remembered in Italy for all his years at Juventus.

Last but not least is the queen of swimming, Federica Pellegrini.

From Federica Pellegrini’s Instagram stories

In the case of the Italian Grand Prix, the most attended sport was football. Predictable, considering the following that this sport enjoys in our country.

A fan, perhaps seeing his favorite players’ Instagram stories, might have noticed that they were in attendance at the match and thus decided to turn on the TV to see them stroll the Paddock and perhaps for a quick interview.

In doing so, it’s probably motivated by curiosity and the fact that it’s a Grand Prix Homepage For the Italians, he could also decide to continue racing.

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In this way, audiences are increased and at the same time new fans can be attracted. In fact, the right racing can bring the sport to those who would never consider sitting in front of the TV watching twenty guys drive in single seaters as a fun pastime.

Starlit Miami premiere

If we think instead of the first Grand Prix in Miami – event for another Much talked about on several fronts – We own Other namesmore interesting. From the world of the NBA – which in the US is the equivalent of football in Italy – LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Tony Parker and Duane Wade – the Miami icon, playing from 2003 to 2016 and onwards from 2018 to 2019. He was in attendance. Also the legend David Beckham, who is busy in Miami as the president of Inter Miami. Blaise Matuidi also came from the world of football, former Juventus player and currently in Miami as well – in his case he is still a player.

(L to R): David Beckham (GBR) former footballer with Lando Norris (GBR) McLaren on the net. 08.05.2022. Formula 1 World Championship Route 5 Miami Grand Prix, Miami, Florida, USA, Race Day. –, Email: [email protected] © Copyright: Coates / XPB Images

Also invite Serena and Venus Williams.

Someone from the NFL couldn’t be missing out: Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks in sports history and a Miami Dolphin legend, was at the big event in Miami. Also in attendance was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Guests are also from the world of skateboarding, with Lindsey Vonn – one of the greatest skaters of all time.

Also in attendance was former Formula 1 driver, Jackie Stewart – three-time world champion.

A large number of people from the most diverse sports – much more than was seen in Monza, where footballers predominated.

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A step that in the eyes of someone may seem simple, perhaps too simple and not really effective but instead it can be effective and lead to success.