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Milan, the alarm is sounding: a goalkeeper is required and Pioli has another problem | first page


the Milan It does not work. At least for now. Kuo voted against Psv He did nothing but confirm the impressions made in the fancy friendlies arsenal And the LiverpoolAt this point, the Rossoneri lack physical brilliance and above all the right attitude. That extra gear that had dragged on just a few months earlier Satan Towards the nineteenth championship.

bad test – A jingle against the Dutch worries Pioli in the light SalernoOn January 4, the Rossoneri will start the second part of a season that promises to be fiery. in a Italia and in Europe. Regardless of the absences (“the usual” Ibrahimovic, Florenzi and Maignan, but also Origi, Crone and Messias, as well as the finalists Giroud and Hernandez in Qatar), Satan He was not convinced of anything. Not even in the preliminary options: the idea was rejected destination left, inconsistent – and this is nothing new – Dee Kettleery on the trocar. Bad seek In goal, he looked unsafe on several occasions (including goals). Waiting for the owner Minyanthe Milan He has a big problem between positions: the deputy need to start stalking in Naples leaders. Sufficient compared to teammates’ performance (considering context) Saelemaekers and return Calabria, as well Leao, the only one able to revive Gambit (although the full brilliance has yet to be found).

HEAD AND LEGS – The last game of the year was negative for the Rossoneri, He is in the legs and head. Lack of focus, desire and thoughts. Things that Paul also noticed Maldini On the runway, he is often caught by cameras shaking his head. A clear indication that something is wrong. And wed there Salernitana: The Devil’s Race starts from there, this time with real points upright.

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