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“Because everyone is mad at Selvaggia Lucarelli” - Libero Quotidiano

“Because everyone is mad at Selvaggia Lucarelli” – Libero Quotidiano

Criticized, severely criticized indeed. We are talking about Wild Lucarelli Engage in countless brawls on countless fronts a Dancing with the starsthe program of dances and sounds and paddles that he does Millie Carlucci On Rai 1, a program that Lucarelli argues smoothly Vat Zanicchi And the Caroline Smithgoing through more or less constant clashes with Guillermo Mariotto and (almost) all of the other dance show champions.

But to the blogger’s surprise, she took sides Maurice Costanzo“Mr. Television”, who has his say on what’s going on dance on me About the magazinewhere the husband Maria Devilipi He has his word in a clear and direct manner, but above all defending Selvagia Lucarelli in all respects.

“They are entirely personal choices. No one should be allowed to judge anyone in this world. Then the social diet gets out of control. I support SelvagiaMaurizio Costanzo introduced. And again, he adds: “The latest version of Dancing with the stars equals a Big brother Especially for the indecent presentation that is delivered to the audience. All against Selvaggia Lucarelli alone Because she’s the only one trying to keep the bar straight. If there is a need to oppose it, the French Fury begins, but when there is a need to take sides, there is a Spanish retreat, ”Maurizio Costanzo comments. In short, there are those who are with Selvaggia.