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Barn House in Vermont with Impressive Interior Design - Perfect / News

Barn House in Vermont with Impressive Interior Design – Perfect / News

A meadow, a lake, a typical agricultural landscape, a plot of land of more than five hectares, all in South Hero, a town in the state of Vermont, in the northeastern United States. that’s it The elements that led to the creation of this home Designed by architectural firm Birdseye.

The inspiration for this project is the typical and traditional barns found around Lake Champlain, which it imitates in some aspects. “The site consists of an open meadow looking east towards the lake. The area is known for its agricultural landscape of grazing farms. Proximity to the lake was an important factor in the home’s location, but in the end, Placing the house on the upper meadow, next to the nearby farmhouse, created a stronger relationship with the landscapethey explain from the study.

In this case the name given to this house is a house, and consists of four volumes oriented parallel to the coast and connected to each other by a long cottage corridor. One of the benefits of this project is that it creates Variety of outdoor spaces between the main volumesincluding outdoor parking, a more formal patio and a patio overlooking the water.

To keep the house from colliding with the landscape and standing out from neighboring buildings, Birdseye arranged the residents’ living spaces on one level. else The factor considered in making this decision was accessibilityBecause we wanted to use the space configuration that facilitated this from the outside.

The dwelling is arranged for visitors to enter the house from the symmetrical entrance courtyard to the main entertainment space, which is located in the center of the building and contains an open plan kitchen, living room and dining room. at the end of this space, A black steel fireplace stares into the room surrounded by deep sofas. Birdseye collaborated with interior designer Brooke Michelsen.

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Three bedrooms are located In the wing closest to the lake, to give residents the best view of the water. The third wing contains a garage and a small library. Another detached garage is steps away and is connected to the house by a covered driveway which is an extension of the breezeway.

structure It has a unique foundation system with extensive waterproofing To prevent any movement below grade due to the discovery of oil shale during excavation. The building envelope is closed-cell foam insulation with R-60 roofs and R-34 walls. The mechanical system includes whole house climate control with dedicated electric heat pumps and an HRV air exchange system.