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Beatrice Luzzi, married with two children.  From Soap Fiver to Big Brother

Beatrice Luzzi, married with two children. From Soap Fiver to Big Brother

Commander in GF

“I love walking barefoot. Nature is an integral part of my life. I was born in 70, Romanian, my name is Beatrice.” That’s what it says on its website. Beatrice Luzzi is definitely a leader. Inside the Big Brother house, the actress stands out with her personality and personality. She is 52 years old, sexy and assertive, with a not-so-submissive personality who often clashes with some of her tenants but is certainly respected by many.

University and advertising

Beatrice Luzzi was born in Rome on November 14, 1970. She graduated from the Classical High School “Terenzio Mammiani” in Rome, where she began her theatrical activity. She graduated with honors in political science from Sapienza University and spent two years in Brussels training at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid. Once she returned to Italy she began working as a composer for Rai (from Radio Viva La). With Lino Banfi and Carmen Di Pietro on TG Ragazzi inside Solletico, she is currently the author of L’Eredità) and as an actress in several commercials such as the San Paolo ad in Turin with Vittorio and Alessandro Gassmann and the Fiat Multipla ad with Michael Schumacher.

The success of “Fever”

Beatrice’s success came with her participation in the TV series “Vivere” on Canale 5, where she played the role of Eva Bonelli from 1999 to 2001. The series takes place in Torno, a municipality in the province of Como, and deals with the lives of different families, from the Bonellis to the Gerardes, Then he moved to the Falcons and De Carolis family. Luzzi is Eva Bonelli, the daughter of managers Giovanni and Mirella of the Bonelli Inn, which actually bears the name Albergo Belvedere. In the series, Luzi has two sisters, Chiara and Lisa, played by Veronica Luján and Manuela Maletta. After the experience of Vivier, he participated as a co-protagonist in the novel Giorni da Leon and Sospetti, and played different roles in the novel I Cesaroni and Don Matteo. He won two Telegatti Awards: one for the Vivere series and one for TGRagazzi.

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Theater with Cazzolo

In theater he collaborates with Nando Dalla Chiesa in the show Policewoman for loveThanks to which he received the Giancarlo Ciani Prize in 2007; And with Aldo Cazzolo to edit his book “Women inherit the land” . Aldo Cazzullo, writer and deputy director of the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, decided to give voice to the heroes of his book by taking to the stage and with him – to tell us why our century will be one of the superiority of women over men – the actress Beatrice Luzzi, who gave voice to many of the heroines evoked.

Ex-spouse, family

“I had thousands of friends but I was single until I was 37 years old. When I met Alessandro I knew immediately that he would be the father of my children. And without fear, even he, who was 39 years old and had never thought about having children until then, felt it too.” Thus begins the speech of Beatrice Luzzi – captured in a clip published by the official page of Big Brother 2023 – which tells about her relationship with her ex-husband Alessandro. The story between them failed, but the woman stressed that there is no kind of regret about their relationship and, above all, about raising two wonderful children together. They loved each other very much, but in 2019 their paths parted. Today the two are separated, but they get along well. Very.” They had two children. Despite everything, the family remained very close: “The family was not affected, on the contrary. His rhythms with the children remained the same, he has the keys, he comes in and out of the house when he wants, he sees them every day to take them to various sports or to perform.” Their homework, or to walk the dog, or to help. We deal with small and large things, and on weekends we sometimes go on trips together, or we start playing board games at home on winter afternoons. Her (mine) boundaries have remained the same; But after splitting it across two homes, there’s more time to get rid of frustration and nervousness. ‘Family of two’: It works for us.”

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Linked to Alessandro Cicilline from 2007 to 2019, Beatrice is the mother of two sons: Valentino (2008) and Elia. “When the time comes, you don’t have any doubt; it’s not a rational question about faults, you really feel it spiritually. For us it was like that, and I have to say that despite all the problems and faults, I would have children with him again because he was the father.” The right partner for my children, but that doesn’t mean he was the right partner either. Regarding the end of their relationship, she says: “We were hurting our children, and that’s why I made that decision when I was unemployed. I didn’t have lovers or anything, so I was very brave…”

Courting a Hollywood actor

It has been almost twenty years since I spent the summer of 2004 at the Ischia World Festival, in a world-class star hotel. There the spark broke out between Beatrice Luzzi and Gerard Butler, the British actor Power attackat that time, after the success of Terry Sheridan’s role alongside the wonderful Angelina Jolie in the film Tomb rider. Beatrice Luzzi was enjoying the success of Italian soap operas and was looking forward thanks to her role in one of Guy Ritchie’s films, Fate overwhelmed himWhich starred Madonna. That week, in Ischia – as the Chi weekly revealed – Beatrice and Gerard spent it all together, between kisses by the pool and intoxicating light-heartedness.