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Men and women, the former historical tronista is back on the show

Men and women, the former historical tronista is back on the show

yesterday afternoon A new episode of “Men and Women” has been recordedwhere there was the center of attention again Ida PlatanoAnd the Ricardo GuarnieriAnd the Alessandro Vicenanza And the Roberta de Paduawho fought hard. In the classic throne, however, there was a strong debate between Carolla And the Federico: The suitor wanted to leave, but Tronesta persuaded her to stay and in the end they danced hard.

However, there was one detail missing from these already exciting previews: a return to Antonella Perini’s former studio tronista. The most loyal viewers of the dating show Maria de Filippi They will remember it Antonella He participated in broadcasting in the 2006/2007 season alongside him Susan Elmy. At the end of her journey, it was Perini he chose Marco Meloniwho, however, told her no.

today Antonella She decided to return to the game and return to the men’s and women’s studio and settled among the ladies and over knights, which immediately caught the attention of many men, especially from Ricardo Guarnieri And the Ida Platano. To reveal it was a girl present among the audience, who told us some additional details about returning to the former tronista studio:

Hello girls! Yesterday in the ring at a certain point in front of Armando Incarnato I noticed a new girl, very tall, wearing a coral red jumpsuit that caught the attention of several men before the ring. Talking to others in the audience, we knew her: it was the former tronista Antonella Perini. He often talked to his neighbor, who was also new.

During the episode when Ricardo Guarnieri Was in the center of the studio with Gloria NicolettiAnd the Maria de Filippi He sent a video where it can be seen that he still feels pity for him Ida Platanocomplaining of not being understood by any woman, said he didn’t want to go out anymore and wanted to leave, and while he was talking about an ex-lady who was sitting in the new girl’s place, pointing to the seat he started, cross his eyes from Antonella Then he recovers and continues to speak with a smile. Maria I think he asked like ‘Do you want to dance with me Glory Or what do you want to do? Which immediately is “Yes, I’d like to dance with her!” pointing Antonella, “Always if you want and accept.” After a smile and hesitation I accepted.

As soon as they got close, he arrived Armando said something to AntonellaIn the last dance at the end of the episode, Armando came to ask her to dance, and she accepted.

note. Maria when Ricardo “I want to dance with her,” he replied, indicating Antonella “Ah, did you notice that, didn’t you?!” she shrieked with a smile.

To confirm back to studio Antonella PerrinI was too Dianaira:

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