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“But what happened to him?”: Nicola Vivarelli completely removed from circulation |  Yet UeD didn’t deserve this ending

“But what happened to him?”: Nicola Vivarelli completely removed from circulation | Yet UeD didn’t deserve this ending

Viewers men and women They will certainly remember young Nicola Vivarelli, Gemma Galgani’s fiancé. But what happened today? Let’s go find out

Certainly the undisputed protagonist The throne is above to men and women It is without a doubt Gemma Galgani. Everyone will remember his beautiful love story with Giorgio Manetti. Despite the difference of a few years. Things were going very well between them.

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But something changed when Gemma decided not to leave the program with him because, in her opinion, there was no feeling. Since then Lady of Turin A series of disappointments have accumulated.

Some suitors presented themselves to her only in search of fame. Although it was obvious to others, Gemma always hoped for a positive outcome. Exactly for this reason He had Tina Cipolari against him Who was always pointing the finger at her.

Gianni SpertiUnlike his colleague, he stood by her side on some occasions. After all, it’s still nice to see a woman her age who still believes in the fairy tale. During the pandemic, the young man put himself on the line for her Nicola Vivarelli. Their acquaintance at that time caused controversy due to their long age difference. Since its disappearance from circulation… Many wonder what happened to him.

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Nicola Vivarelli and Gemma Galgani, Sensation A men and women

During the period in which Covid affected humanity, Maria De Filippi He decided to let Gemma continue her acquaintance by exchanging messages via chat. Next to her was Tronista Giovanna Abate.

Nicolas introduced himself by title Sirius When he showed himself live he left everyone speechless because in 2020 he was 26 years old. He handed a bouquet of flowers to Gemma dressed as a sailor. They also dated outside of the TV context, However, nothing happened as Gemma wanted. What is the charming Nicola doing now? The answer will surprise me

Nicola Vivarelli today – Instagram source –

Nicola Vivarelli around the world

Nicola is a model and cruise ship officer. In 2014 he moved to London and joined the Navy the following year. Looking at the snapshots he posts on his personal page Instagram This is evidence of He travels around the world for business purposes.

Being very reserved about his private life, he doesn’t care much about it. An ex-girlfriend, Chiara Vannuccistated that the former means that To break into the world of entertainment. And at this moment it seems that he has not succeeded yet. Did he throw in the towel? To find out we just have to wait for more news.

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