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Sami leaves the house, nominated Raffaella, Gianmaria and Miriana

Sami leaves the house, nominated Raffaella, Gianmaria and Miriana

It begins with the “feud” between Adriana Volpi and Sonia Bruganelli. In an interview, Fox harshly attacked Bruganelli again for taking the photo with Magalli, saying that “they’re of the same stuff, they like to tease and obfuscate.” Bruganelli’s muddy term didn’t come down and his reaction was violent.

Then we go home. The first topic covered is what happened a few days ago, when Manuel, with the help of some prosthetics, walked. It’s a really exciting moment. Signorini does not hesitate to define it as the best moment ever in the “Grande Fratelo Vip”.

The most uncontrollable woman in Italy – We go to Francesca Cipriani, who during the evening will be surprised by the return of her boyfriend. They had her review photos of the last episode when she met him almost in the midst of hysteria. So much so that his yelling and ignoring became web memes throughout the week. When Alfonso tells her that even today Alessandro might not be that far away, she goes crazy, running around the house screaming “Love, love.” It’s even about unlocking the door. Then she was “escorted” to the love ship. Here he finds everything he needs to prepare the Romagna piadina, while Alessandro waits on the platform.

Mirjana and Rafaela – In the last episode, a quarrel broke out between Mirjana and Raffaella, and now we are back to it. The two just don’t take. Fico argues that Trevisan is fake and rude. Who smiles in front of everyone now and then and says heavy things in confession.

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The unpublished face of Alex Bailey – Alfonso invites Alex into the Mystery Chamber to talk about his lesser known side. He, an actor and seen by everyone as the handsome black man, also showed great humanity. Talk about his brother and his mother. Then there is a message for him. His wife’s sister wrote him and told him how his family was. Then Alex was invited to go to the podium to get a surprise. Once outside, he is frozen and thus cannot respond to the sight of his brother Francesco. What Alex hears is a true declaration of deep affection that touches him deeply.

The night of love between Jokas and Katya – After the signal that Casella gave in the last episode, Alfonso wants to investigate what happened (or didn’t happen). They are called Super Led. There they find a nice bed where they have to sit and answer Signorini’s questions. The two confirmed by replying: The “famous” night happened in Rome and Jukas was wearing “a pair of panties with little hearts”. Then Giucas is shown a video of his son and the passion becomes irrepressible.

Katya and the Three Tenoriti – Ricciarelli remains alone on Latvia, only to be soon joined by Alex, Aldo and Gianmaria. The three “no sleep” improvises for her.

judgment – It’s time for the TV referee, which was officially closed. The first to save himself between Sami, Amedeo and Nicola is the last. Alfonso spoke to Sami and had him tell his story and his mother’s story. A difficult story with a father beating his mother. Then the boy had the opportunity to meet, although separated by a glass, the house of the Angelo of the Arcadia, the one who welcomed him.

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Alfonso alone with “Girls” – All the boys are allowed out and Signorini congratulates everyone for gathering around Lulu, who has been going through difficult moments in recent days. The relationship with Manuel began to show the most difficult aspects. He showed signs of impatience due to his closeness to the girl, and she had to learn to “harass” him to a lesser degree, but after she had suffered so much. Alfonso called her to “enjoy the present”.

The return of Maria Theresa Rota – Among the main characters in the latest version, Maria Theresa is home. He is in the garden where Amedeo is waiting. Guria arrived at the garden where he was frozen. La Ruta wants to point out two things… She didn’t like to hear from Amedeo that their relationship is less close than it used to be because of her partner’s jealousy. Then she invites him to keep some things for himself, especially if the children do not know them …

To leave the house is … It’s time for the final judgement. Between Sami and Amedeo, the audience voted for Sami to leave.

The appointment – Double round of nominations, first clear and then secret. From the first, Raffaella comes out with 4 nominations, followed by Gianmaria and Miriana with 2 nominations. Photo confirmed by secret nominations.

“New” for Amedeo In the midst of the nominations, Alfonso interrupts to show Amedeo some pictures of his girlfriend Vera, who appears to be pregnant. He obviously seems surprised, but he doesn’t rule out that it really is. Signorini promises him that they will achieve …

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