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Men and women, Federica Arversano criticizes Matteo and Valeria

Men and women, Federica Arversano criticizes Matteo and Valeria

This is still a disappointment Federica Arversano For not being chosen before Matthew Ranieri during his throne a men and women. sabotage tonight’s predictionsin fact, tronista chose the surprise (but maybe not so much, Ed) Valeria Cardonealso of Campania origins like the former Miss.

After removing some pebbles from her shoes after the program endedThe Arsano He returns to talk about the new couple who left the dating show. In an interview published in the program magazine, Federica She said she did not regret her strong reaction. He then stated that at the beginning of Matthew’s throne he believed that he could be the choice, but after the characters of the two appeared, the situation began to become more clear. However, when the tronista went to Caserta to ask her to come back, he thought things had recovered and everything was back to how it was in the beginning. Just after the video message from Matthew It is confirmed that it is not an option.

Regarding the couple, Federica Arversano Then he shot a dig, identifying both immature. In particular, he said that he believes valeria Not very authentic, while Matthew Not yet grown.

During the interview, the former suitor also spoke Alessandro Vicenanza. At the moment, he does not want to make any other acquaintances, he has exchanged a few words with Alessandro, he considers him a handsome man, but at the moment he does not feel the desire to restore the same position. What did he try for? Ranieri It was all true, he’s being teased, so he’s more suspicious than before.