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Heidi kisses Vittorio Minuzzi: “I didn’t understand you” – Big Brother 2023

Heidi kisses Vittorio Minuzzi: “I didn’t understand you” – Big Brother 2023

The relationship between Heidi And Victor It was up and down: at first it started as a light friendship, then it slowed down due to some of the boy’s comments.

During lunch, the girl is keen to give him some advice. According to her, a young man should evaluate the people around him better and surround himself only with people who make him feel good.

“You are as you are“He tells him, encouraging him to focus on himself. He understands that it is not easy to choose friends but invites him to think about who has approached him during moments of frustration. They are all good at celebrating, but a true friend can be seen in a moment of need.”

“I didn’t understand you“The girl added, saying that she did not understand Vittorio’s complexity.”If you don’t understand me, that’s not my problem“The boy answers frankly.

The young woman explains it better: From the way she met her, she didn’t think Vittorio had such a suspicious side. They were always laughing and joking, if she wanted to vent her anger she would have stayed to hear it.

“I don’t open that easily.” Vittorio excuses himself.

According to the girl, they were complicit and calm, united by the lightness she needed to escape and not think. She truly loves Vittorio, which is why she is upset when she finds out that this lightness is not shared by the other side.

However, she thinks he’s a good boy and again suggests that he surround himself with people who love him.

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The girl walks away and Rosie He uses this to reveal his vision. Heidi was definitely disappointed. If it’s always light with him, it’s because of a desire to distance himself from certain dynamics. He wanted to get to know the boy without understanding his complexities. This does not mean that he was expecting a position or statement from him.

For Vittorio, it was a simple friendship, as he did not like to show himself completely and preferred to joke with her. He never wanted to reveal himself so as not to feel discordant with himself.

Once all doubts are clarified, Vittorio stays to listen to Rosie. He is definitely a man full of faces and is not inclined to open up to anyone. Does this attitude towards him repay him?