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Bake Off Italia, farewell to beloved judge: Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to convince him to stay

Bake Off Italia, farewell to beloved judge: Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to convince him to stay

Bake of Italy – (Facebook photo)

Many tried to stop him and persuade him to stay, but unfortunately no one succeeded. He has made his decision now.

He was Exists for one edition only From Bake Off, but everyone became so enamored with him, to the point of trying Big disappointment When he decided to leave the program.

For Heroes Edition it was “Good judge“Because he treated everyone kindly, Unlike his colleague Ernest Knam, who has always been somewhat strict with aspiring pastry chefs. That’s not to say that the German Chocolate King isn’t cute, because he actually is. Unlike the Good Judge, he keeps his sweet side somewhat hidden.

It was this aspect of “The Righteous Judge” specifically He was instantly appreciated by the “Bake Off” contestants and the audience at home, who became instantly fond of him.. Women in particular had great affection for him because of his attractiveness, so much so that they knew him as “The handsome judge“.

What a shame he’s gone though. His absence paved the way for the entry of pastry chef Damiano CarraraBut it still creates a certain void in the hearts of fans. They really liked him.

Desire to start a new project

It’s not clear why he wanted to quit Bake Off, but it appears his exit from the show was because of it Desire to start a new project. This is what can be understood from the words that he spoke that try to explain the reason for his farewell Interview with Daniela Basilico which was also published on “It’s time to turn the page and write, along with the many people who write to me every day, new chapters, new feelings, a new Italy.

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So it seems that behind abandoning “Bake Off” there is a firm decision. What a huge disappointment though. He was a wonderful judge.

Antonio Lamberto Martino
Antonio Lamberto Martino – (Facebook photo)

A protagonist of only one edition but in the hearts of everyone

Do you understand who is the “good judge” who bid farewell to “Bake Off”? It’s about to Antonio Lamberto Martinothe pastry chef who Participated in the 2016 editionBut who left the program as soon as it finished.

After him, Damiano Carrara entered the program and became one of its regular heroes, but Everyone still fondly remembers Antonio, his skills as a pastry chef and above all his kindness. He was a really good judge.