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Libra and Virgo are ready for love

Libra and Virgo are ready for love

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Tuesday, September 27, 2022, and predictions predict a sign about love, work and luck. The Moon begins its growing path with great enthusiasm, even from the triangle of Venus and Mercury to Pluto. In short, there is no mention of half measures.

Today’s horoscopeTuesday, September 27, 2022, astral predictions about love, work and luck for all signs of the zodiac. Venus and Mercury are conjoined and both are in a triple (i.e. in favor of) Pluto.

The energies are many, intense and deep. We certainly will not risk getting bored.

Today’s moon is in the last part of Libra, so the lucky sign Aquarius will be while unfortunate sign cancer.


You still always want to do what you want, but remember that, despite the fact that Mercury removed himself from the opponent, you should become more “smarter” and put your best face into a bad situation. Don’t follow the example of Prince Harry who failed during the English anthem to sing “God Save the King”. I know that with this crooked moon it is difficult, but you have to make at least a little effort.

Today’s horoscope for Aries sign

the love: Useless complaints with your partner just don’t work.
a job: Listen to your fellow rabbits, they are not all plotting against you.
health: You do not tolerate everything and everyone.
Tip of the Day: To vent out a little, you can give yourself table tennis, like the hero Roger Federer, who considers it an excellent pastime. seeing is believing.
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Enjoy, dear Torone, with such sheer support from the stars, particularly from the perfectly fitting Venus and Moon, you are more brilliant than Chiara Ferragni and Heidi Klum combined, during Milan Fashion Week. I don’t know if I got the idea right.

Taurus today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

the loveThe flame of love is always burning.
a job: Going forward with an impressive career. Nobody can stop you.
health: ready to provide elegant and useful advice.
Tip of the Day: The trend for the upcoming spring-summer is undoubtedly the golden color, as suggested by King Giorgio (Armani). Focus your next purchase on this color that looks good in winter and summer. Just pay attention to the Ferrero Rocher effect.
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Today you begin to see, and above all feel, the undesirable effects of Mercury, causing your synapses to work alternately. Surely you would be as desperate as Mark Zuckenberg, you would panic during the two hours Instagram had hiccups. You get used to having little black holes for a while.

the love: To understand feelings there are no clues to study.
a job: There is a great desire to do, but you do not understand what you need to focus on.
health: Do not be carried away by a lack of confidence in yourself.
Tip of the Day: Try to accept increases in the bill without insults or at most call the toll-free number for clarification without getting too angry. Anyway, nothing has changed.
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If you hope that good opportunities will arise from improbable situations, then I tell you at once to give up all of the crooked moon, but above all for Jupiter. You definitely won’t be lucky with Raffaella Giudice and Andrea Celentano who got married after the Temptation Island reality show. Some things only happen on TV (or in fairy tales). do not fool yourself.

Today's horoscope for cancer

Today’s horoscope for Cancer sign

the love: You make it so perfect.
a job: In this particular area you can now give your best. under it.
health: You will be able to charm everyone easily, unfortunately I’m not really convinced.
Tip of the Day: The idea of ​​suggesting kindness games at school sounds great to you. Promoting kindness is your new mission.
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You definitely tend to have exaggerated attitudes, inspired by the new moon of the last days. However, I warn you that with Saturn against you it will be more annoying than the Russian Twitch channel, which keeps the stove open for hours to make fun of Europe. Try to put some moderation in everything.

horoscope today leo

Today’s horoscope Leo

the love: Try to listen to what your partner wants.
a jobThrow yourself headlong into projects your boss supports.
health: The energies are really amazing.
Tip of the Day: If you choose scheduled interrogations even at school, you should do the same at work and in your daily life. Improvisation does not always please everyone.
vote 6 and a half


In your heart, you would like to put aside Jennifera Lamborghini, who from the first days in the VIP big brother’s house spoke about her whole family, explaining to her that the most intimate topics should be approached in a more meticulous way. Instead of preaching to thousands of viewers! With Venus, and especially Mercury, in your sign, you are measured in everything you do, especially when it comes to your privacy.

Virgo today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Virgo

the love: What happens on the bed of love is entirely your business.
a job: Dedication, commitment and perseverance are your peculiarities.
health: When it comes to commitments, all you need is a dark circle corrector and you’re all set right away.
Tip of the Day: Don’t miss an episode of Big Brother VIP because even though you don’t agree with certain behaviors, you are curious to know what will happen inside the four most famous walls of Italy. Curiosity must always be satisfied.
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weight scale

You totally agree with the priest of the Mintoro diocese, Don Maurizio, who bans football because of too many bad words. With the new moon in your sign, you are especially sensitive to all exaggerations. You want measurement and, above all, kindness. And even when someone steps on your foot with a stiletto heel, your reaction is a shy smile and a stingy grin between your teeth.

Libra horoscope today

Today’s horoscope for Libra

the love You are only referring to your soul mate. However, the choice will be difficult for you.
a job Sending a simple email takes hours because you want to be absolutely sure of what you’ve written.
healthConfused and happy as Carmen Consoli sings.
Tip of the Day: Don’t worry too much about buying smart bulbs. Everyone says they are quite useful and guarantee good energy savings, so go easy.
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The scorpion

Your expectations are not dictated by instinct and luck but careful logic and reasoning, and now that Mercury is there to help you, they are absolute facts. Just like Joachim Clement, an analyst at Liberum Capital, who guesses all the World Cup results. It’s already written in a sealed envelope will win a drop envelope, you can do the same to challenge the last neuron.

scorpio horoscope today

Today’s horoscope Scorpio

the love: You lock him up in a tight rattlesnake.
a job: When you speak, everything should take notes.
health: You are always so cute, but every now and then the sting appears.
Tip of the Day: For your sweetness, you can make the coffee cream as in the bar, with 3 simple ingredients. I’m sure it will be very good, better than the one you eat every day after lunch at home.
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There is absolutely no escape for this time when you have both Venus and Mercury against you. Although the new moon in your favour has given you a bit of safety, the danger is that you only face gaffes, write Salvini when he presented in the election campaign the blind candidate of the League as “the eye of the Italians.” Don’t try to be bland because flipping is guaranteed.

Today's horoscope for Sagittarius

Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

the loveYou are a natural pheromones repellent.
a job: Your “cool” thoughts, keep them only to yourself.
healthYour Forbidden Desire is a wheeled shoe for effortless mobility.
Tip of the Day: Get so confused that you’ll love the “Sagrimo” app linked to Google Maps, with all the village festivals. Thus, in addition to not being able to miss any dining and wine events, you will also have accurate indications of where you should go.
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When you saw Federer and Nadal rocking Roger’s farewell to tennis, you’d love to hug him tight. The new moon in recent days has definitely shown your best and that’s also emphasized by Venus, which makes you a shoulder we all want to cry over in moments of crisis. Suggest yourself to family and colleagues, and you will see that you will achieve some success.

Capricorn today

Today’s horoscope Capricorn

the love: You’ll do it all day at all times.
a job: ready to save everyone.
healthYour hug is the cure for all evil.
Tip of the Day: The perfect dress for you in this period is definitely the little black dress, it is very versatile and can be worn from morning until late at night. You will only have to change your shoes if the “tone” of the situation changes by chance.
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Be careful not to get carried away by easy enthusiasm or moments of extreme generosity, as the new moon suggests. In fact, you may find yourself in situations like that of a customer who decides to tip the waitress at €3,000, and then thinks about it by asking her again. I warn you right away that he has been left with a dry mouth.

Today's horoscope Aquarius

Today’s horoscope for Aquarius sign

the love: You have fire to please all suitors
a job: Watch out for the stills.
health: dissipates energy like an old window frame.
Tip of the Day: With all this desire to move, you should start training for long distance running. If you’ve never tried by chance, there’s an infallible way: you start with a minute of running and then, a few weeks later, you’re up to a half hour. You are evaluating from your personal experience.
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When you read the news about a Dutch cyclist being attacked by a seagull during the World Championships, you know it right away. When it comes to unique bad luck, you immediately feel called into question, precisely because Venus and Mercury are in sharp opposition. Sometimes life isn’t just sailing. Now it is clear to you.

Pisces today

Today’s horoscope Pisces

the love: It is an unsolved mystery.
a job: Your motto is: “The bullshit happens.” Poor consolation.
health: your wax is not the best.
Tip of the Day:Try Brad Pitt’s grape-based skincare. It’s really skincare and not a new way to get drunk. Given your reaction in this period, it is better to determine it immediately.
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