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Claudio Lippi, after the heart attack and exile from television, also betrayal: “A wound that never heals”

Claudio Lippi, after the heart attack and exile from television, also betrayal: “A wound that never heals”

Illness, exile and betrayal, the most painful moments in Claudio Lippi’s life: “A wound that never heals”

Claudio Lippi was a great TV personality and achieved a lot of personal satisfaction, but he also had to Overcoming a lot Barriers. His life was not easy at all and he talked about it during an interview with Republic.

Claudio opened his heart, recalling the stages of his wonderful career and speaking about the events that literally took place His serenity was shaken. From losing money to a terrible illness due to which he took great risks.

He was born in 1945 and in the 1960s he made his debut in the world of entertainment as… singer. He recorded about 45 rolls and is one of the most famous ones we remember.”For everyone there is someone” H “Yes, Mary“But his future is there the television It starts appearing in some broadcasts Mike Bongiorno H Bebo Budo.

In 1980, he hosted the first evening competition.half past sevenIn a short time, he became one of the main faces of Italian television and presented “Lunch is Served”, “Beauties in the Bath” and “Casa Cosa”. From 2012 to 2015 he was part of the cast of “Such as and which appear“As a juror.

Claudio Lippi, the illness he denied

Claudio Lippi is one of the prominent figures in Italian television who has disappeared from the public scene in recent years. All his life he had to face Many challengesfirst and foremost illness This happened to him in 1983 and forced him to undergo a delicate surgery. The famous host was A heart attack Ben had to undergo surgery 4 Cardiac bypass.

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The condition that not only drove Libby to risk his life, but forced him to do so To exile. Claudio had to give up his television career after Highlands It happened in 2015, which is the year it should have been submitted.”Next year“I would like someone to explain to me why,” the host admitted I no longer work. But I’m not going to ruin my life, stress is bad, I have four sideways and we have to stay healthy. Sensitive people take it more. You have to learn to let things slide a little bit.”

Claudio Lippi, The Unexpected Betrayal – Instagram account “giuseppeannunziataph” –

Claudio Lippi, the betrayal he suffered: “A holiday that never heals”

Over the course of his artistic career, Claudio Lippi has had a lot of satisfaction and can certainly be proud of the path he has led. Despite the great success, he could not avoid Dark moments no Disappointments Which he received above all from people he believed to be loyal. Of success and economic well-being, in an instant drama Bigger for Claudio.

In the interview conducted for Republic“I found myself starting from scratch,” Libby saysI lost everything for every Agent error Who made bad investments. My profits are gone. I found myself reliving what I went through as a boy, when we found ourselves penniless from one day to the next. Treason Who is his friend? A wound that never heals“.