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'Back in F1? I have to wait for the waters to calm down'

‘Back in F1? I have to wait for the waters to calm down’

Rome –Everyone has a right to speak and the FIA ​​allowed me to race because I am a neutral. But I would say the biggest problem is getting back into a sport, Formula 1, Where teams are allowed to withhold sponsorship funds without fulfilling the contractAnd so the long interview begins Nikita Mazepin issued to CNN. The Russian driver has been kicked out of Haas last March and has since reiterated her position:Teams can ask for more, even if they say they don’t want any money from Russia. Sports values ​​need to be re-evaluated after what happened“.

Mazepine Defense

Within weeks, Mazepin found himself out of the circus lineup. A dream shattered after the invasion of Ukraine: “To get there I worked for 17 years and in the end I made it. certainly, It’s a simple problem If you think about the things that are happening in the world right nowThen he explains his goal:Of course I would go back. I think I have some unfinished business. But I have to wait for the water to calm down. I don’t even know where to go back“.”from Moscow – Russian communication – I can only see a small part of what is happening: it is very painful. For 23 years I have lived in a very calm world, but my official position should be neutral: I am an athlete. It is important to be. It is also for this reason that I created a foundation Which helps athletes to remain neutral in principle“.