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"I don't comment on rumors about Dixon. I would like to be among the first."

“I don’t comment on rumors about Dixon. I would like to be among the first.”

Andrea Dovizioso has confidently arrived at the fifth Grand Prix of the season in Portimao, although the results so far are not good. However, these upcoming positions are shared by almost all Yamaha standard holders except for Fabio Quartararo.

These are Duffy’s words on the eve of the weekend, and he also commented on a rumor that they would like Dixon to replace him:

“The American race has certainly been tough: It’s a very physical race and if you lose power without putting it back together, it gets really tough. I’m frustrated for sure, I’m not just here to do it, I’d like to be up front, but M1 has issues at the moment. But the situation definitely is. Not how it’s described: I don’t waste time commenting on certain news, that’s the kind of journalism I don’t understand. It’s not journalism. I don’t know anything about Dixon, but when you’re racing for Yamaha, don’t worry about that stuff. Looking at some of these headlines Days, the relationship between me and Yamaha seems to be in jeopardy, but I just got out of an important and really constructive meeting that had been planned for quite some time.Also, they apologized for what happened in Austin: they realized they needed to be more aggressive in certain parts.Fabio Quartararo is really good In making the most of M1’s potential, last year he had a great championship, but now he’s having a hard time too.”


Source: Getty Images