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Asylum seekers receive a bail of 5 thousand euros to avoid the centers.  “But not for CPRs”

Asylum seekers receive a bail of 5 thousand euros to avoid the centers. “But not for CPRs”

Between the high speed of evacuation procedures and the increase in the presence of CPRs in the national territory, the desire of the Meloney government is to bring order. And the prime minister pledged to the UN to avoid Italy becoming “Europe’s refugee camp” at all costs. The implementing order of the Cutro Order provides for the introduction of a rule. By paying 4,938 euros, an asylum seeker from a country deemed safe can wait for the outcome of the procedure outside of special structures (which are not CPRs). “Financial guarantee – as it is mentioned in the text of the decree – is provided in a single solution through a bank guarantee or an insurance guarantee policy and is personal and cannot be paid by a third party.” Later, the Home Ministry also stated that the reason was to “avoid the risk of absconding”. And bail “does not apply to persons detained in CPRs”, but only to asylum seekers awaiting a decision on their application, including any appeal. The first location used for this type of procedure will be built in Pozzallo: it will have 84 seats and is almost ready.

The left, led by the Democratic Party, immediately started shouting, citing non-compliance with the EU directive on repatriation. Dem and his chorus of allies are all built around the adjective “inhumane.” The solution identified every time is not “open ports” to anyone who wants to enter our borders. The meeting must also be managed. Three migrants were repatriated in Trento. All three must not have been in Italy. Two of them had an argument using bottles. The police intervened and discovered the mystery: they had already been removed from our country. But there is not a single free position in the CPRs of that area. And, despite the precedents, many of them are now free. As much as they have to leave.

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A case like that of a thirty-year-old Tunisian, already sentenced to a year in prison, was monitored in Trento: now he has a week to leave the country where he lives illegally. Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, yesterday in Bologna for a meeting with Governor Stefano Bonacini and provincial chiefs, did not hide some concerns. What are the landing figures in recent weeks? “This concerns us in terms of the fact that it involves a reception system in the national territory, therefore enabling reception and coordination rounds, but also maintaining public order and security,” he noted. The tenant of the Ministry of the Interior has been promised that 115 agents will arrive in the Emilian capital by 2023. A comment about the German government’s funding of NGOs: “This is very new for us, I also saw this news in the agencies this morning. It seems to me very coherent – pointed out the Minister of the Interior – the humanitarian approach that we should all have, observed in our own national territory”. It’s a hot topic in international relations, but it reinforces one certainty: someone is playing against our ability to manage the event. The other urgent item on the table is building new detention and deportation centers. It will be taken care of by the Ministry of Defense headed by Guido Croceto, as ordered by the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers. The aim is to implement a new framework for each region. “We will ensure that there are decent conditions within the CPRs. We have always done that”, Piantetossi continued in Bologna. But the Left will continue to demand that everyone be welcome at any opportunity.

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