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Landslide in Ischia: Eight dead, four missing. 4 days ago Unheard of Sos controversy – Campania

Mud that ruined a section Casamichiola Dermaeto do IschiaAs a continuation of thatFlooding on Saturday morning, return the bodies. Rescue crews are on the job via Celario Eighth flood victim identified and extricated: about that Michael Monty, the bodies of a 15-year-old boy, the brother of Francesco and Maria Teresa, were found yesterday. The bodies of their parents, Gianluca Monti and Valentina Castagna, are being sought. The other two missing were presumably the companion of Eleonora Chirapella, the first victim to be discovered, and another young woman: the Prefect of Naples reported that, Claudius Palomba, at the end of the CCS meeting. There are 5 injured people, only one of whom was immediately taken to Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, but in terms of health, no specific problems were reported.

“My last report to the competent authorities Serious dangers to the people of Casamichiola Because of the hydrogeological instability, I reported them last November 22: I wrote to the Prefect of the Province of Naples, the Provincial Commissioner of Casamichiola, Mayor Manfredi and the Campania Civil Defense. No one answered me. Following the orange weather warning, I pointed out the danger to the people of the area and asked them to evacuate”. Giuseppe Conte, who was mayor of Casamichiola in the early 1990s, condemned it.

Find out if the flooded and existing houses in the area are illegal and pending demolition orders.: These are the first questions that the Prosecutor of Naples wants to answer through the investigations taken immediately after the Casamiciola tragedy. But the file was opened on the assumption that the assessment process – for now, a criminal disaster offense – did not concern only the area destroyed by the landslide.

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Following the declaration of a state of emergency approved by the Council of Ministers in connection with the exceptional weather events on the island of Ischia last November 26, the government is preparing a special emergency regulation to allow taxpayers. Terms of payments and suspension of tax and social security obligations In favor of citizens living or working in the municipalities of Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno. Ministry of Economy and Finance said in a note.

Currently 230 people have been displaced But “it’s not excluded,” Palomba explained. All the displaced people have been accommodated in hotels and relatives’ shelters, but “since it is winter and families are coping, we are allocating real houses to ease their hardship,” the chief minister underlined.

It’s a race against time to secure the road to the heart of the Red Zone. The roadside has been largely cleared and the mud removed by bobcats on the side. Twenty centimeters dry in the sun but should be removed when it rains again to avoid the risk of runoff towards the low-lying area. Via Celario and via Pio Monte della Misericordia Saturday turned into a flooded riverbed, where the water swept away everything: cars, furniture, agricultural vehicles.

Divers working with sonar to search for missing persons

Teams of volunteers with shovels clear the approaches to the houses. Allowing residents to accompany firefighters to retrieve essentials is also a necessary measure. Meanwhile, fragments of broken lives emerge from the mud. A soft toy, a pan and other objects that tell of everyday life will never change again for many. A large number of cars completely destroyed by the raging water and mud will also need to be removed soon. Now I am a pile of papers.

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160 firefighters are working on the island with 70 vehicles from Campania, Lazio, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Puglia and Molise. Teams of the National Corps are located in the Casamisiola area: terrain experts used for rescue, USAR (Usar Search And Rescue), SAF (Alpine River Speleo), dog lovers and SAPR (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems) operators for search operations in the upper area via Celario. Divers from Tuscany scan the seabed near the harbor with sonar.

Rescue coordination meeting tomorrow on the island
A joint meeting of the Rescue Coordination Center (CCS) and the Municipal Operations Center (COC) will take place tomorrow on the island of Ischia: this was announced to the press in the Prefecture by Claudio Palomba, the Premier of the Province of Naples. It was also decided to make the operation “more actionable” with regard to the priorities of tracing missing persons and the perimeter of the red zone.

Dog stuck in missing owners’ car

Geologist: ‘There are still risks, no evacuation plan’
There are no evacuation plans in Ischia despite many hazards such as volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides. Over the years I have been trying to understand this with organizations and associations in the area. And a good part of the slopes of the north and especially Casamicciola Terme , after the landslide two days ago, they are still at high risk of landslides, which then weaken the separated slopes and cause other landslides. This was reported by Ischia-based geologist Aniello D’Iorio, who conducted the survey in the last hours after the Casamichiola landslide. According to D’Iorio, “Cava Bussillo, clinging to the material in the upper part, must be monitored and protected because, with heavy rains, the separated material can easily reach the populated center of Piazza Bagni via Pio Monte della Misericordia. Port of Casamichiola”.

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Against illegal buildings, the Minister of Environment and Energy Security said that “it is enough to jail the mayor and everyone who allows things to happen” because “mayors should not allow people to build”. Gilbert Pichetto (FI), on Rtl 102.5. Regarding the demolition of illegal homes proposed by the governor of Campania, Vincenzo de Luca, the minister said: “I will confiscate the illegal ones and then I will go and see on a case-by-case basis”.

“On the need to continue the work of signing the bill to demolish illegal houses, especially those built in high-risk areas, the funding envelope is needed,” said the Minister of Civil Defense and Maritime Policy. Nello Musumesi. “Most of the time mayors have difficulty implementing mechanical means to cut. It is a complex and difficult matter. We cannot leave the first citizens alone in this situation”, he continued.

“My last report to the competent authorities on the serious risks posed to the population of Casamichiola by hydrogeological instability – condemning Giuseppe Conte, mayor of Casamichiola in the early 1990s – I reported them last November 22: I wrote to the Collector. Naples, Provincial Commissioner of Casamichiola, Mayor Manfredi and to the Campania Civil Defense. No one answered me.Following the orange weather warning, I pointed out the danger to the people in the area and asked them to evacuate.