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Those who are not in the immigration program: Thus the EU abandons Italy

Those who are not in the immigration program: Thus the EU abandons Italy

In Italy it is now Emergency landings: Over the past few hours, there has been an increase in attendance with the potential to further complicate the reception system, especially in Lampedusa and Sicily. For now, our country seems to be isolated once again: some or no signals from Brussels. Still no shortage of aces in the hole. Many migrants in Libya are now seeking repatriation, with the EU issuing a new one on April 27. Piano In voluntary income. But the time for its approval seems much slower than current requirements.

This is an immigration emergency

What was announced a few months ago has now come true: Italy is in a real immigration rush. The arrival of immigrants leaving the other side of the Mediterranean will no longer be stopped maxi landing This is a prime example of the fact that on May 9th and 10th it affected more than 2 thousand foreigners. The island of Lampedusa is now ready to explode, as is the process of relocating immigrants. Important numbers, which require a definite intervention and can not be solved only in words. Europe’s intervention is more urgent now than ever, but firmly needed: unity is no longer enough. The phone call between Interior Ministry Louisiana Lamorjee and European Interior Commissioner Yalva Johansson on May 10 was interesting. The Commissioner “announced the introduction of a temporary mechanism for solidarity among EU member states, wanted to join, and aimed at relocating rescued migrants at sea and in rescue operations”. But is this really a plan to be accomplished in the short term? Meanwhile, immigrants are continuing, and Italy is increasingly isolated.

New EU plan to face sanctions

A few days ago a new phenomenon appeared: the European Commission announced the first strategy Voluntary income And reunification of immigrants. There seemed to be motives for interfering in immigration from Brussels to help Italy. But this is not the case. This is evidenced by the fact that the square is not found even on a topic already discussed in the past, such as displacement. L ‘Austria It was the first European country to comment negatively on the redistribution of immigrants to Italy within EU member states. According to Interior Minister Carolyn Edstadler, the issue needs to be addressed directly in Africa before immigrants can leave. After the landing of Maxi, the demand for greater solidarity with the Roman government was also initiated on the appeal of the EU Commissioner
Ylva Johansson But, according to European sources, no direct action has been taken in this regard at present.

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With regard to the voluntary repatriation plan, it includes a plan New activities Aimed at strengthening the legal framework in this area. But now, with regard to the attitude of European countries, it is necessary to understand how the situation will develop. The program will not only rely on the simple expression of consent of the first volunteers, but will also provide them with exchange guarantees that support a choice of knowledge of the facts. In fact, the New EU project views incentives as “real reconciliation opportunities for those subject to them” and, again, “establishes a more balanced and better integrated approach to unlock their full potential among member states.” One tool is voluntary return, which, as EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs Yalva Johansson declared, “represents the best solution as it is person-centered, and it is the most effective and the least expensive”. This strategy will help immigrants take advantage of all the opportunities in their home country and contribute to the development of the community by making the machinery of the migration system in Europe more efficient. A particular energy as far as the programming of a new return plan is concerned, it does not see much of the speed of the event of subsequent landings.

The EU is actively behind the schedule

In any case, the European Answers Appear a lot Spring. This also applies to redistribution and voluntary repatriation. At the forefront, Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorjee is waiting for news from EU partners about the never-taken Malta agreement. This is an agreement not signed on 23 September 2019 with some EU governments regarding the redistribution of immigrants who landed in Italy. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mario Tragie called on the United States to show signs of resilience. But even in the eyes of the European Council on May 24, there were no positive signs. At the forefront of voluntary repatriation, it is one step ahead, but the plan provided provides a long time for approval.

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Also, this type of return has been around for a long time. In 2017, One of the most followed news sites in Burkina Faso, Documented the return of 227 fellow citizens from Libya. They are trapped in the Libyan hell, contacting the Burkina Faso embassy in Tripoli to contact the UN, which deals with migrants. Company IOM When they returned to Burkina Faso, the settlers pursued a social restructuring plan. “It simply came to our notice then An IOM resource – we help those who want to go home re-enter their countries ”. But, the same evidence confirms that there are very few immigrants who choose this path. In recent years, Brussels companies have not noticed the potential benefits of voluntary repatriation: “They are very effective – he agreed. Margaritas Shinas, European Commission number two – Give real possibilities Re-integration”.

The voice from Libya: “Everyone wants to go home from here”

There is another reason why the EU is doing better to implement its plan on voluntary income immediately. It is concerned about the situation of migrants currently stranded in Libya. Explain it A source who worked closely with immigrants in the North African country and wanted to remain anonymous: “I can confirm – he declared – within detention centers in Libya A big spread Fear of Get started Many agreed it was safe to go home. ” Therefore, immigrants have the option to take the opposite route to the one that brought them to the coast of Tripolitania.

“I know Depart – Continued source – Because I am Pushed dai Kidnappers, Who needs money. They are the ones forcing many immigrants to leave. It is necessary to stop the excessive power of the criminal organizations in Libya and Sahel. ” Therefore, the European Union could intervene with the United Nations in Tripoli and arrange for the repatriation of large numbers of migrants before they left for the Italian coast. After all, Italy, the most exposed country for migrants from Libya, has positioned itself in support of the new European government’s overall European plan for repatriation. Brussels may be more motivated by Palazzo Ciki to do so.

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