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PS5: Former Deviation Games may have moved to Sony for a new studio

PS5: Former Deviation Games may have moved to Sony for a new studio

Some team members Deviation games They may have moved to Sony after the studio closed to form a company A new internal team at PlayStation Studios And work on a Game for PS5based on what appears to emerge from some messages received from insiders.

As we have seen, it seems that Deviation Games has been closed down with almost no official communication in recent months, despite the fact that the team had received a lot of media coverage at the time of its founding also by Sony PlayStation, due to the important collaboration that characterized them.

It appears that some team members have stayed with Sony, in fact actually moved on within the company, based on what was reported: Deviation Games’ former art director, Michael Anthony, actually reported that he had heard that several former team members had set up a new studio at Sony.

Are Deviation Games PlayStation Studios?

Michael Anthony’s post about Deviant Developers

This mysterious new studio founded by former members of Deviation Games appears to be working on new intellectual property for the PS5, and the team is made up of some of the best elements from the now-shuttered studio, but it’s not clear whether or not the project is. Practically the same as before.

As you remember, Deviation Games was the team that founded it Jason Blundellan Activision veteran who has worked extensively on the Call of Duty series with the aim of creating new experiences in the first-person shooter genre.

The stated idea was to create a great new FPS game exclusively on PS5, which was highly publicized by Sony ahead of the console’s launch, but the title in question was never shown to the public.

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Then, years later, Deviation Games appears to have been shut down but without any communication about it. If Anthony’s reconstruction had been correct, the team would have been shut down and dismembered, with a portion of the developers that would have merged within Sony PlayStation to form a new studio, but it is not clear if the project under development was the same one implemented by Deflection.