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Asta, light-skinned mountaineer dies of low temperature at 2,700 meters


A T-shirt, light jacket, leggings and trekking shoes. The dress he thought was suitable for walking on the mountain Up to 2,700 meters in Serbion Mountain. The path she had already encountered in the summer and, perhaps for this reason, The temperature of this period is underestimated. Probably disappointed by the beautiful sunny day.

So Aurora Avacilicci died, 53-year-old mountaineer in Ivria (Turin) Recovered in Monte Zerbion on Sunday night between Monday and Monday In the state Severe hypothermia after hiking in light clothing at 2,700 meters above sea level.

If it had He was airlifted to a hospital in LausanneIn a specialized center, and not Consciousness did not return. As a rule, Swiss authorities have conducted an autopsy, so the body can not yet be returned to Italy for the funeral.

Domestic worker from Romania And eager for a walk, she left Sunday afternoon from CanaveseIn Piedmont, for a picnic on the path he had already encountered in the past, but in summer conditions. Wears light clothing and hiking shoesShe was able to go upstairs but she was in descent At an altitude of about 2,400 meters above Colonel Portola, he was trapped in an icy path.. “If it had cramps in it, it would have come down easily,” explains rescuers who discovered it Pours on the track with a torch near it, still burning.

Aurora, 53, Interested in hiking, He expected to tackle that path in a few hours and with light clothing. Like he brought in a month ago Flag of Peace in Sima PosolaIn Valchiusella, or In the fall he crossed 42 kilometers of trails. In between fluctuations, in just seven hours. Originally from Romania, she lived in Ivria (Turin) for some time, where she worked as a housemaid.

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Despite the simple hiking boots, the 2,722-meter peak at the summit was not complicated. Problems started from the landing: I The feet sank into the blanket of snowDanger of slipping down the slope and then Cool passing through leggings and shirt after sunset.

In Colonel PortolaThe return route to the valley was blocked. That’s when she contacts her husband in Romania and sends him his contact details. The rescue car starts at 9 p.m. As the hours go by, a group of people see a light burning on the path. Next, Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue and Cervinia Financial Police found Aurora on the ground. She is unconscious, but with weak main symptoms. An Air Germat helicopter from Switzerland intervenes, Has only one power to fly at night. This is very serious: at the hospital in Asta, the resuscitator decided to transfer her to a special center in Lausanne. Now family and friends are waiting for the body to return to good Osta and be able to say goodbye. In this case, the Swiss authorities are ordering an autopsy. A tragedy that is small or nothing on an exam may, according to rescuers, have been avoided.


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