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Another Bow to Islam: David Censored

Another Bow to Islam: David Censored

Michelangelo’s David “censored” case erupts in Dubai. As we read Website From Italy Expo 2020, There are many challenges in re-preparation David at Michelangelo, Expo 2020 is a project sponsored by the Commissioner for Italy’s Participation in Dubai, in collaboration with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Galleria del Academia Museum in Florence and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Florence. And yesterday, in Dubai, the Italian Pavilion opened with great participation from visitors from all over the world, the first global event after the most severe stage of the epidemic, with the opening ceremony in the presence of representatives of the regions, the education and culture of the whole country. Everything is very beautiful and participatory, but there is something as big as a house: only you can appreciate Michelangelo’s famous work … head.

Michelangelo’s David “censored” in Dubai

As reported RepublicIn fact, David seems to be “beheaded”. “Chairman – Observes RepublicIt emerges from a hole in the floor at the top floor of the pavilion, inside a circular room covered with mosaics reminiscent of the Byzantine art of Calla Placidia. The body goes down, into this octagonal hole: you can not lean from above to see what is below. The rest of David is unknown to the average viewer. But can only be accessed by various officers and officers in the hall allotted on the ground floor. The rest of Michelangelo’s art is enclosed insideThe reason is the parties. Close “David did not disclose them to the public. It was confirmed by the Italians who worked on the project and with whom. Republic: “We had thought about wearing his underwear and changing his idol, but now it was too late: we realized too late that it was wrong to bring a statue of a naked man to the Emirates“.

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Schurby is tough: “Italian art is bad, real hatred”

Vittorio Cirque, As usual did not send them to say of course, apparently crushing the decision to “hide” David’s private parts. As it turns out Cirque, in fact, was consulted by the company AdnKronos, “This is a Filipino theme, not a pagan theme. So, the destruction of a part of Michelangelo’s David in the Italian pavilion of the Dubai Expo really pays homage to religion and their culture“Grotesque and ridiculous., Sgarbi adds.”This is the real issue of commenting. Spicolatris de Sabri is definitely not a woman and a part of Italian sculpture, it has nudity, there is canoe, there is poticelli, nothing to say.“Italy, the famous art critic continues,”David respects Michelangelo’s Islamic tradition in Dubai: unprecedented, unacceptable, unbearable humiliation. Insulted Italian government and degraded Italian art. A real crap“.

Rampello protest: “No censorship”

Do you remember the 2016 International Stupidity for Closed Statues of Capitol Museums in 2016? Well, again, in a way that does not offend Muslims – the Iranian delegation in Italy – beauty is censored in its highest sense, even a timeless masterpiece like Michelangelo’s David is a symbol of the Renaissance and perhaps the most beautiful art ever made by man. So, again, he bows his head before Islam and its most vague doctrines. A decision to censor David would inevitably provoke debate: is it right to leave one’s art and identity like this? The art director of the pavilion intervenes in the matter, David Rampello, The company consulted Lapress: “When we installed the statue of David in the pavilion, the Arabs came and interviewed me. They immediately raised the topic of nudity, but when you see a masterpiece, I explained to them that nudity has nothing to do with it. You are not looking at nudity, you are looking at a masterpiece. They said nothing. This is unnecessary care that has nothing to do with work“There is no censorship, as Rampello Al always explains Courier della sera: “David is not seen because it always goes from the bottom up, but welcomes the audience face to face. Usually no one can see him in the eye. There is no government audit. ”

Italy Pavilion in Dubai

For the rest, Expo 2020 is very exciting for the Italian Pavilion in Dubai, where Italy promotes a broad program of 70 corporate partners, more than 50 sponsoring companies, technical partners, 15 regional and 30 participating universities, as well as multidisciplinary forums. And high-level dialogue, which refers to solutions that enable development, innovation, and international collaboration to enable the analysis of the most pressing challenges of humanity. From climate to space, from urban development to the promotion of cultural dialogue, to the challenges of innovation and digitalization in health, agriculture and the blue economy, the project of multilateral forums will unite these important top policymakers. Status, international experts, young students, representatives of the business world at the UN. To highlight Italy’s contribution to the development of new joint models on key issues of the 2030 agenda.

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