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“An important opportunity to give new impetus to our association”

“An important opportunity to give new impetus to our association”

Sunday 29 October
During the two-day autumn conference, which will be presented on Sunday 29 October by the President of the Association, Pino Cuttaya – together with the Tourism Advisor for the Sicily Region, Elvira Amata and Maddalena Fossati, Condé Nast Editorial Director and Italian Cuisine Contact Person for the Italian Cuisine Project as an “Intangible Asset of UNESCO” – The broader topics of Destination Marketing and the best strategies for creating destination appeal will be covered. From creating unforgettable experiences, discussed in the ‘Dream Makers’ section with some of Sicily’s world champions of success, including Rossella Pugier, founder of The Thinking Traveler; Gaia Agnello, Executive Director of the Sicilian Environment Fund; Carlotta Panza, Experience Director, – one of the most sought-after travel designers in the United States; Samuel Mazza, creative director and promoter of Noto Rebirth; Laura de Bert, Belmond’s PR Manager for Southern Europe, with its world-famous facilities.

In “The Media Tellers” section, some of the most influential international travel editors tell us their vision of Sicily, between its travel culture, hospitality and wine-making regions. Sarah Magro, travel editor at Sole24Ore Italia, will be in conversation with Maria Shollenbarger – travel editor at the Financial Times – Htsi, and Robert Camuto, author and contributing editor at Wine Spectator and contributing editor at The Times. Space then for the first event dedicated to taste. The day designated for this event will begin at 1 p.m Food street, a moment dedicated to street food – presented by chefs linked from the “Three Valleys” who bring together the diverse gastronomic souls of Sicily – and enlivened by entertainment from street performers, performers and musicians. In the afternoon, the Doc Sicilia Consortium – led by Antonio Rallo and partner of Le Soste di Ulisse this year – organizes “Vitigni & Territori”, a “Regional Rasting” through the most famous and representative local varieties, on a journey – like that of Ulysses – around The continent of Sicily, to discover its multifaceted and innovative interpretations.

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Monday 30 October
The following day, Monday 30 October, conceived and coordinated by Paolo Vizzari and Manuela Vessore and entitled “Mediterranean Flavors”, will be entirely dedicated to the gastronomic culture of the Mediterranean and its “gestures”, which unite people speaking different languages ​​through the “Mari Nostrum”. The main idea – which inspired the topic – according to Paolo Vezari and Manuela Vezor – is that: “The inhabitants of the Mediterranean forget and learn from the dawn of time, and rally around Sicily, which is their heart and their capital. Sicily in particular is today the cradle of collecting that ancient knowledge, and preventing it.” Of getting lost along the paths of progress. “Gestures and behaviors that often begin or end just a few meters from the kitchen, but in the passages between them contain the meaning of an entire area.”

“We really liked that, in such a sensitive political moment – says Pino Cutaya – that we were talking about the Comunanza and Share Gestures: those that connect one side of the Mediterranean to the other and must become instruments of culture and peace. “Le Soste di Ulisse” has united Sicilian chefs for more than twenty years and, in this new phase, aims to expand the scope to include all areas of the millennium culture bathed in “our sea”. Guests and witnesses to this extended day included some of the most innovative names in contemporary cuisine, including Maksut Askar – Newlocal, Istanbul; Jacopo Ticci – Trattoria da Lucio, Rimini; Chiara Pavan and Francesco Broto – Venice, Mazzorbo; Tamara Rigo – Pastry Chef Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura, Los Angeles; Sahar Barham Al Awadhi – Top 50 Pastry Chefs in the MENA Region 2022, Dubai; Manolis Papoutsakis – Pharaoh of Athens; Vicky Sevilla – Ariles, Sagunto; Andrea Moscardino – Restaurant Ceto par Mauro Colagreco, Roquebrune Cap-Martin. The conference will conclude on the evening of Monday, October 30, with a major gourmet event curated by the association’s chefs and guest chefs, open to the public who can book directly at the Minareto Resort. To participate and purchase entry to the gastronomic events on Sunday 29 October and the gourmet dinner on Monday 30 October, this can be done by calling Minareto on 0931.721222, or by sending an email to [email protected]

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