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Everyone wants Benedetta Rossi’s vegetable garden: always alive even in winter |  Here’s the secret

Everyone wants Benedetta Rossi’s vegetable garden: always alive even in winter | Here’s the secret

Benedetta Rossi (Raiplay screenshot) –

The secrets of the green garden of the famous web chef Benedetta Rossi are revealed: she manages to make everything grow in a simple way.

rise of benedetta rossi, The “simple” and “homemade” cook was very quick: today she has a large part of the public on her side who adore her for her talent in the kitchen and her skills. sincerity On a personal level.

The cooking star started out on the web, specifically a blog, and then settled down Youtube And finally on television with his TV show Fatto in casa per voi.

The mantra of simplicity and quality, non-industrial products has brought the cook to a wide audience of fans, many of whom are tired of experimental cuisine and eager to return to… tradition. As published by A book The cooking she’s so proud of that sells like hotcakes in bookstores.

Despite the great success, Russian It seems that he has not given up on his initial blog project: he continues to produce news and recipes, and these days he talks specifically about his project Winter vegetable garden.

Star Garden

The page dedicated to the vegetable garden offers “smart” and effective tips for maintaining your vegetable garden Lush vegetable garden Through small tricks or fairly simple measures, where the only difficulty is consistency.

The page explains how to grow a winter vegetable garden, and above all the following are listed products Which can be grown during this period: cabbage, turnips, radishes, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, watercress, chicory, leeks, carrots, and fennel. However, the information does not end there.

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Map of Benedetta Rossi -
Benedetta Rossi map (screenshot video blog) –

It can be done! Even on the balcony

Not everyone has that Possibility to Cultivate or refine In the garden, and Benedetta keeps this in mind: on her blog page Fatto in casa da Benedetta, it is specified that it is possible to create a winter vegetable garden even on your own. Balcony.

Conversely, if you have a small plot of land available, this is it Operations To be implemented: digging, fertilizing, hoeing and polishing. Just yet intended Through these processes, it is possible to start planting seedlings and inserting them into our soil, taking care of the roots, and once everything is planted, we begin the basic irrigation activity that will make our plants grow wonderfully. Winter seedlings.