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An email from Nintendo has fans speculating about the arrival of a new game –

An email from Nintendo has fans speculating about the arrival of a new game –

Nintendo sent their fans out E-mail Related Super Mario Odysseystarting many speculations about what they might be hiding, new game included. In fact, the email itself is quite strange, considering the game dates back to 2017 and wasn’t supported as others were (eg Mario Kart 8 Deluxe). So why are you now asking, “What’s your favorite ride in Super Mario Odyssey?”

The body of the email doesn’t look that vague, except at the end:

The adventure that Mario debuted on the Nintendo Switch was his most memorable yet! From dodging devastating dinosaurs, to ransacking pyramids in a slicker, to finding his groove at the New Donk City festival, the hottest man in the Mushroom Kingdom has seen plenty of scenery !

But there can be so much more to discover… It’s probably worth picking up the Odyssey again and doing the whole trip over again.”

Now, the possibilities brought about by guesses are basically three: the aforementioned arrival of a new game, in a WarioWare-style process (which a survey predicted); The release of an update, possibly related to the Super Mario Bros. movie. – The upcoming Movie; A little promotion for the game, just in light of the movie hitting cinemas.

It is difficult to say which hypothesis is most likely. In any case, the arrival of a new Mario platform wouldn’t be too strange, considering how much time has passed since the last time. Of course, take it all for what it is, pure speculation, waiting for Nintendo to deliver something.