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Branko's horoscope April 5, 2024

Branko's horoscope April 5, 2024

Aries Who woke you up with a kiss on your forehead? Venus, the morning lark, the star of love and luck, making a short but decisive transit in your sign until April 29, this month is also dedicated to Venus. The Roman calendar attributes the gift of new life to her, who gave birth to Aeneas. Venus Genetrix begins the race towards new love, and long-term unions will be strengthened. At the same time and at the same pace, work, success and profits advance.

a trip

Taurus: The moon today is not calm. Be careful not to say too much at work, and not to rush into making decisions, since this moon has the strongest influence in the professional environment specifically. Not passive, but silent, Venus will be in Aries until April 29, when it finally reaches your sign. This stellar moment promises a new and victorious start in various areas of life.


Gemini While the Moon is heading towards Pisces, in the same hours, Venus leaves that sign and becomes beautiful to you in Aries. Venus is Mars who takes on many of the characteristics of the sign: courage, resourcefulness, passion, taste for battle, and professional success. The weekend forces you to sit still but you can actually schedule important appointments for next week with the New Moon in Aries.


Cancer The news is not very positive at first glance, as Venus is approaching Mercury, which is already in Aries (a sign both loved and hated), but don't worry! Still expressed in the sector of success, there is also a need to reproach in love. The marital relationship is illuminated by the Holy Moon in Pisces, Mars and Neptune. Transportation that helps to work and business meetings a lot. Other than the current times, we used to say that luck exists outside, but some reservations are necessary. do you see.


LEO Take inventory of things done and money earned, then start over if you're not satisfied with the result. This day is considered lucky once the Moon enters Pisces, and this time also due to love. Love that returns – rises – goes crazy with joy, with supernatural Venus until April 29! The joy of traveling, you are like Napoleon (Leo) who, despite his lack of study, had an idea about everything.


Virgo After Venus sails into Pisces, love that has not reached a safe harbor must be rethought. New Venus, all fire in Aries, but even the next planets in Taurus, says your next love will be bigger. Mercury in Aries also approves of new transactions and speculation, and is excellent for long trips but with the caution required of all signs. The heart returns to the dream.


Libra The moon in the early hours of the day is beautiful in the love sector and every happy beginning, it highlights your great desire to fight for a new personal independence. You are the sign of cooperation, represented by the two scales that enter into a short crisis of verification. After Mercury, Venus is now in opposition as well… but Saturn, the appropriate arbiter, will make you win.

the scorpion

Scorpio Venus is in Aries, for you it occupies the work and health sector. The small but important touch of luck that we always need in life comes from the Moon in Pisces With Saturn, Mars and Neptune at the highest point of your sign, you will once again have fate in your hands. Other zodiac signs can't understand it but you can – your entire life seems like a tangle of states, puzzles and destinies.


Sagittarius: Venus in Aries is beautiful, and it is an entry that coincides with the presence of Mercury and the Sun in your sphere of wealth! Heaven has in store for you another huge possibility of success in work and business, but please, in these two days, water in your mouth! The moon in Pisces calls for family and health, prepare all the necessary documents for Monday, the new moon in Aries.


Capricorn At the beginning of each spring you feel a little uncomfortable, but then you regain your thoughts, and after a noticeable increase in physical pressure, you find your ability to fight again. How much you will have to fight with Venus in Aries until April 29! But in the field of work, you always have two excellent star powers, Saturn and Jupiter, in love emotional Mars helps you, and the Moon will make you meet someone from your past.


Aquarius Who says you have to stay in an old environment? The world is full of opportunities for Aquarians who seek, who want, and who know. The new season is enriched by the wonderful presence of Venus in Aries, until April 29th. Beautiful next to Mercury and harmonizes with strong love Pluto and also lucky opportunities for your business. Note: A new powerful Aquarius personality is coming into the world.

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Pisces Venus, the star of love, leaves its mark, but does not forget you. In Aries, it will be valuable to your financial, administrative, and legal affairs. Other stars have also declared their personal assets on the rise. An important real estate purchase will be made around April 15th and 25th and May 8th and 15th (these are days when the beneficial influence of Jupiter will be felt most, best wishes!).

Love crimes? All it takes is a little sugar and the pill goes down.