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Chrysanthemum further left: Embrace of Schlein.  'We will demolish the slums'

Chrysanthemum further left: Embrace of Schlein. ‘We will demolish the slums’

The noble professor stepped down from his desk to climb the barricades. “Break down the wall“of the high. Andrew Grisanti Finds his cards: He will support the Democratic Party’s nomination in the race for the new Secretary of State. Ellie Schlein. This was announced by the senator himself, who explained the reasons for his choice in favor of the former vice-president of Emilia Romagna. “Its values ​​and objectives led me to apply: the mission to promote an organization that provides equal opportunities for all“, he looked forward to a birth and observed”New Pd“.

Support for Krisanti, Ellie Schlein

Counting himself among the proponents of the Schlein agenda, the Romanian microbiologist spurred the development of “.A free democratic party, free from the logic of power and chauvinism; A young, open, creative party that rewards merit and talent. A party of excitement and stimulation“. in between Arguments There were some that were brought up in support of Ellie Schlein’s candidacy, however, more interesting than others. After reprimandingSocial inequalities affect and constrain our country“, the professor offered his own solution to create new development opportunities. And he said: “Indeed, if the redistribution of resources alone does not solve Italy’s problems, the wall will reduce opportunities Cultural elites Economic and political. This, in my view, is the task and challenge of a Left party“.

Dispute over salary and period villa

Krishanthi’s new movie Anti-Elite Paladin, of course, will be very new to many. Until the day before yesterday, in fact, even on the left there were those who condemned him as too much.Elite“, may be based on some Controversy It worried him. For example, the professor first offered to give up his salary as a senator to keep his teaching salary. “It’s better for me, it’s a matter of higher fees and social security contributions“, he explained, attracting some criticism. He later reversed his decision and decided to keep his salary as a politician. Similarly, he had no shortage of regrets after buying a prestigious period villa in the province. Vicenza himself explained that he wanted to give back to the community after the renovation.

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Professor’s answer

Assuaging those who accused him of enriching himself with infection, the microbiologist explained: “I am a rich person Beyond Covid. My wife and I have been in high positions for a long time. And we have always lived frugally. We’re not throwing money away“. With equal sincerity, the doctor said on television:”I have a house in London in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world, and it’s not like I had to wait for Covid to win professionally“It is not clear why the professor could not choose how to honestly spend the money received, having actually undertaken a commendable scientific activity.

However, now to hear him talk about the struggle against some unspecified “economic and political cultural elites“Makes you laugh a little. His staunchest detractors, venomously, will already be ready to rebuke him with old controversies, and perhaps ask if he is talking about himself.