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America, is it failure or carelessness?

America, is it failure or carelessness?

Yesterday was the semi-final FIBA World Cup 2023. In both cases, the odds have been reversed and we are now on the threshold of an all-European final: Serbia-Germany. However, between the two teams, the truth Sadness The Germans mostly did that and defeated them America. In an entertaining match and with the result hanging until the last minute, Steve Kerr’s national team confirmed all its qualities and flaws, failing to achieve the declared objective of a gold medal. If so, we can talk Failure? Or would it be correct to speak of arrogance and indifference?

The basis of this debate, in fact, has to be traced back to arguments outside of this World Cup. Competitions like the World Cup should be considered less than the Olympics This is Pulcinella’s secret. The calls made by the coaches on that bench year after year prove this. The appearance of the American roster for championship matches is almost always reduced, a lesser version of real American firepower. Reasons? The NBA doesn’t care much for these types of matches, both on the part of the club and the players. Real stars from abroad rarely make it to the World Cup, perhaps pushed by their sponsors who favor the Olympics more.

Hence these “disconnected” calls are coming Firm less significant results. Just compare the last twenty or thirty years between the World Cup and Olympic Games to get a rough idea of ​​the difference between the two events. Participating in favor of the forecast and good chances of success in the first case, absolute dominance in the second case.

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So, the plot is repeated this time too. Despite the favorable prognosis, the US failed to achieve its goal expressed in words, Gold Medal. Is it okay to talk about failure? We can certainly talk about that without going back to the long discussions that started with Giannis Antetokounmpo. Disappointment for America. Kerr’s side didn’t struggle in an easy group stage, but repeatedly showed signs of slowing down after that. First against Montenegro for 20 minutes, then against Lithuania, and finally against Germany.

In each of these cases, the United States undoubtedly had the skills and talent to win the game easily. however, The attitude on the pitch doesn’t always reflect the words off it. American players have repeatedly shown their laziness, both in terms of physical and mental engagement, as far as the opponent is concerned. Especially when you need to get down and defend. They took a risk and did it against Montenegro, they did it against Lithuania, maybe to get an advantage from the defeat, but they fell for the third time. More arrogance, more awareness of one’s own ways, more indifference.

He seems to be of the opposite opinion Steve KerrIn his words at the press conference after the defeat against the Germans.

Basketball has become global and these games are tough. It’s not 1992, the players are better, the teams are better all over the world. Winning the World Cup or the Olympics is not easy. I am proud of my boys.

We’ll never let that go against the Warriors coach, and Kerr is actually right. The level of players and national teams around the world has risen, both athletically and technically. Success is never a given, even for a power like America. However, there is a sense that America is relatively concerned in some cases, despite all the words. Of course, there will be a lot of disappointment among players and staff after this defeat. But a bitter taste in the mouth may not be enough to bring radical and systemic change to a world like American basketball. The match seems to be humiliating her from the start.

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