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Florence, taxi driver kicked and slapped tourist: license suspended.  And pictures go all over the internet - video

Florence, taxi driver kicked and slapped tourist: license suspended. And pictures go all over the internet – video

A room with a kick and a face. This is what is found in A Video taken by a passerby And spread on Instagram by pianist Giulia Masoni That has been around on the internet. To executeAggression Against a Canadian tourist, a Florence taxi driver. The incident took place in the middle of the night 13 and 14 January, About 1.30. According to an initial reconstruction, a 53-year-old Florentine man assaulted a 33-year-old woman after being overcharged by passengers after a discussion about fares.

As you can see in the pictures The taxi driver lashes out at the tourist, Giving her a kick first and then a room. The woman in the pictures asks those who saw the scene to call the police.

Police then arrived in Tornabooni, via Shop Street, where the taxi ride ended with a patrol. The 33-year-old said the fight had already started when the two were inside the vehicle and spat in her face with the taxi driver who broke the anti-Govt divider. There are both passengers and the taxi driver Both did not file a complaint at the police station for refusing medical treatment. To open the investigation file, the woman is waiting to file a complaint, which was not recorded at the time.

Possible complaint and any action pending, meanwhileTaxi driver’s license must be revoked immediately. This fact was “firmly condemned” by the municipal administration, which called on the Municipal Taxi Commission urgently to investigate the fact and take necessary action as procedures are pending to find out what happened. The Commission meets on January 19th.

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Even the mayor of Tuscany City, Tario Nordella, Condemned what happened via Twitter: “The horrific attack on a woman by a taxi driver last night was unprecedented and regrettable. I immediately told the commissioner the truth. I expect a full investigation and exemplary punishment for this person unfit to serve the public. This is not Florence. Even the taxi drivers’ co-operative, 4242m, unhesitatingly condemned the behavior of its co-workers “regardless of previous events”.