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It’s always summer, even in October!  Maps of Central Europe announce a chaotic autumn »

It’s always summer, even in October! Maps of Central Europe announce a chaotic autumn »

Weather: It’s always summer, even in October! Maps of Central Europe herald a tumultuous autumn

The Central European trend for October is excitingIt’s always summer, and this time in October. The latest update to the seasonal forecast for autumn has actually turned upside down, and is another clear sign of ongoing climate change.
In fact, important anomalies are expected in both temperature and precipitation in our country: the European Center says, now this trend is more than concrete.

TheHottest summer ever Globally (World Meteorological Organization certified data) and consequences They will be felt in the following autumn months. In fact, all the accumulated heat struggles to dissipate quickly, both in the atmosphere and in the ocean water, and this may pose some risks to our country as well.

Well, according to them Latest Updates (Figure below), We have to deal with the almost constant presence of the infamous African anticyclone It will, in many cases, bring a lot of dowry the sun And above average temperature, Especially in the Mid-North (up to +5/6°C anomaly) and on two large islands.
These conditions will continue until the minimum October; Take a look at the map below with the expected temperature anomalies for the next month: it’s really interesting to see the color across Europe orange, Confirmation of expected above average temperatures in all states; Indeed, there is no trace of the chill or the glow of autumn.Temperature anomaly forecast for October (Source: ECMWF)Temperature anomaly forecast for October (Source: ECMWF)This intense heat causes physical discomfort and harm to people The temperature of our oceansValues ​​likely to be around 26-27°C in most basins: we are talking about an anomaly of around 4/5°C above the reference average.
Well, these all translate together More energy in the gameor in it Fuel Essential for the development of extreme events. It is on this issue that we must be careful.
Maximum focus in the middle Late September and early October Being strong Contradictions It can be created between completely different air masses: on the one hand the pre-existing great heat and on the other hand the first cold coming down from Northern Europe. Unfortunately the recent past has been full of flash flood events that can cause landslides, flash floods and severe storms. Disturbances from Northern Europe will be closely watched Storms It may develop in the Mediterranean Sea and its prediction is possible after a few days, especially regarding the journey they will take.

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As we always remember, finally, The trends In the long run they serve to give a general idea of ​​the expected weather and therefore should not be understood as classic weather forecasts, which means they are not useful for planning events in your daily life.