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Temperature in aumento nei prossimi giorni

Temperatures, suddenly summer returns with highs of almost 30 ° C, we will see when and where »

Weather: Temperatures, suddenly summer returns with highs of almost 30°C, let’s see when and where

Temperatures will rise in the coming daysSuddenly it’s summer! A summer atmosphere will return to Italy in the coming days.

Reason must be sought in a deterministic decision Increase in atmospheric pressure The effects are expected in the entire Mediterranean region and in our country temperature Compared to the autumnal weather we have experienced in recent days, it should rise considerably, almost surprisingly.

It all begins Sunday 2 And Monday, October 3 The revived anticyclone of the Azores shifts its axis from its current position towards Italy, while at the same time recalling much warmer air directly from the lands of North Africa. As is usually the case during summer, we will get a sort of hybrid anticyclone here, with Azorean and subtropical contributions.

But where will this return of heat be felt most?
Initially, the western regions will record the rise of mercury columns, therefore the entire Tyrrhenian side, the two main islands and the northwest. However, by the middle of next week, hot air will cover almost our entire country. Maximum temperature Tips rise to touch 27/28 °C On that day Lazio and Tuscany, But even close 30 °C On top of that Sardinia And in the beginning Sicily. However, with above-average values ​​in the north, thermometers see no particular obstacles to peaking 25 °C.
The Adriatic side, at least at first, will not suffer from this apparent increase in heat, as it will suffer from weak drafts of fresh air, the effects of a cyclonic vortex in the eastern parts of the old continent, but destined to be absorbed already by the middle of the week when the whole of Italy is now covered by a warm anticyclonic blanket.

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How long will it last? This phase of abnormal heat? According to recent expansions, its duration seems to be at least guaranteed Until the weekend of October 8/9.
In short: it is Always summer!