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"You make me want a divorce."  Jealousy escalates

“You make me want a divorce.” Jealousy escalates


The rapper shows himself with Gigi Hadid, and his wife gets caught between the serious and the amazing

From “You make me want the future” to “You make me want a divorce” is a moment. a few days ago Chiara Ferragni, with a long, weeping post on Instagram, explained to her fans that what shocked and pissed her off again in 2016, when Federico was courting her, was a sentence uttered by her last. which relates to looking to tomorrow (“You make me want the future”). An external conception suggested another, which maintained the same music but radically changed its content: that of Ferragni’s divorce.

Of course, there’s no danger that Ferragnez will reach his emotional end anytime soon. Kiara simply threw a fit after her husband photographed himself with her Gigi Hadid. In short, laughter and irony, though not the first time Cremonese has leaked, between serious and facial, her sudden changes in Jealousy.

In the past few hours, the rapper posted a snapshot with model Gigi Hadid, in all likelihood he met him during Milan Fashion Week. And in support of the image, he added a phrase with an ironic flavor around the text of his last song, “Better than Cinema”. “I swear you make me want a divorce.”Kiara commented. The rapper immediately proceeded to repost his wife’s comment, which went viral. On the other hand, The Ferragnez makes up social networks skillfully and there is no doubt that they are experts at getting people to talk about it.

Fidez and Chiara Ferragni, Clarifications on the Conflict on the High Seas

The couple was surprised, in recent days, by Chi magazine while they were involved in a furious quarrel on a boat dating back to the beginning of September. The photographers from the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini soon made the network’s rounds. A few days after the scoop, Fedez and Chiara explained in an Instagram Live to fight so hard But the quarrel was born for pointless reasons. Clarification that helped reassure millions of their fans, some of whom already seriously believed that a breakup was on the horizon. None of this: the love story goes on full sail!

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