Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Albania: US bans entry into Perisha for ‘corruption’ – North America


(Ansa) – Tirana, May 20 – The United States has banned former Albanian Prime Minister Sally Perisha and her family (his wife and his two children) from entering their territory because of “corruption in Albania that undermines democracy.” The decision was signed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, who announced that Perisha would “file a defamation suit” against him.

The former Albanian center-right Prime Minister, who led the country for 8 years until 2013, was still active in politics as a Member of Parliament, with great influence in the Democratic Party (the main opposition party he was historically leading) who “chose France as a neutral country”, where he “appealed to the Paris Court of Appeals. Attorney Patonier Jean-Yves Lபோberg “was appointed.

Periza has accused the United States of “misusing public funds, interfering in public trials, making personal gains, enriching his political allies and his family members, and undermining public confidence in companies. Albanians.”

U.S. law authorizes the Secretary of State to impose such sanctions in order to promote the fight against corruption in various countries around the world. However, Perisha said that “for reasons I do not fully know, Secretary of State Blinken, without warning, made false assessments against me in an unexpected and defamatory way.”

Earlier, the attempt was made against former Republican Attorney General Adriatic Lalla, former Socialist Mayor Torres Wangjush Taco, and another member of parliament and businessman Tom Toshi, an Albanian close to current Prime Minister Eddie Rama. Connected with the majority. (On the handle).

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