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Reducing isolation for those with a third dose is being studied. Cts called on Wednesday – Chronicle

Wednesday, December 29 is called CTS Furthermore, depending on the course of the epidemiological curve, the isolation time may be reduced for those who have been vaccinated with the booster dose (or the third dose) and for those who have had a positive test. According to preliminary information, a decision must be made by the end of the Christmas holidays in early January, and isolation from vaccination with the third dose can now be reduced to seven days, three to five days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has made a “further recommendation” tonight, reducing isolation to 5 days, but only for asymptomatic positives. “I imagine the same thing will happen in Europe and apparently in Italy in the next few days” “It must be done with confidence”. Says Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health at Mattino Cinque News on Channel 5. “Every exam must have a scientific basis and data that can make the country safer. There is evidence that the Omigran variant is much faster than the others.” “There is a lot of confusion when we say ‘reduce’ today. Attention: we will divide it into categories – he underlines – positive (symptomatic or asymptomatic) and should be isolated. Then there is close contact. It should go to isolation. It would be best to reduce both based on scientific evidence. Commenting on what has already been done by the CDC, the Under Secretary-General points out the need to reduce isolation “with those who are safe, for example, those who have completed the vaccine cycle with the third dose.” The delta variant at this time is also in circulation today and doing so would be risky. We have some. Those who have not been vaccinated and must complete the third dose. Maybe it’s not Omigron’s close relationship, but Delta’s close connection. So, let’s do it with confidence. “

“It would be good for the technical science panel to consider reducing the isolation to 5 days for those receiving the third dose of the anti-Govt vaccine. But if you do not want to find us with half of the Italians isolated at home, the rules should be changed quickly and the isolations for positive interactions should be reconsidered.. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” Giovanni Totti Fb calls on people not to limit isolation only to those who have received the third dose vaccine.

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General Francesco Pavlo Figliulo“This morning we did a reflection on the number of people in isolation with Minister Speranza. Scientists are studying with Istituto Superiore di Sanità,” said Kovid, an extraordinary commissioner for emergencies. . “Now isolations are different for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated, and we are reading what to do.”

And Chairman of the Kimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta has returned to ask for a review of the isolations. “Omigron is highly contagious.” Each positive – he told the Radio Kusano campus – can be, on average, 5 to 10 contacts. If we have one million positives, 5 to 10 million contacts can be isolated, which means that it is not possible. It is very difficult for people who have been vaccinated with the third dose to become infected, so the rules for this type need to be amended. Even with the third dose the vaccinated person should reduce his isolation.

“Isolated rules need to be reviewed, but this is not the time. I think it is desirable, but in another 10 or 15 days, according to the Under Secretary of Health Pierpolo Celery On the Sky Tg24. “Omigron may be more than 50-60% of the virus that spreads in the country,” he added. And he adds: ‘From January 10 we will be returning to school upon arrival. In the next few days we will usually reach 100,000 infections a day, but if everyone does not go to the hospital, I do not see a big problem for the school. ” Once more definitive data is available on Omicron. , Rules for isolated children, students, students can see each other again. It may be 7-10 days, with the new year, probably before the school reopens “.” But – as Celeri explained – it is important to see how more or less this variant of the virus is aggressive. The reduction of isolation should be based on accurate scientific data, we are waiting for CTS. We need to evaluate the data well. “

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To the President of Venito, Luca Jaya, The third dose refers to the isolation of those who are “equal to others.” It makes sense to start thinking about vaccinated isolation: It must be edited “.” I share the view that isolation for those who have been vaccinated should be corrected. Maximum security without blocking the country, “Friuli wrote on Twitter, chairing the Venice-Giulia and Regional Conference. Massimiliano Federica. “I agree with the amendment that the isolation rules should be reduced or eliminated, especially for those with a third dose. We must guarantee health care, but at the same time not prevent the country,” he added. ‘.

Adequate isolation for positive interactions, The rules should be changed soon before blocking a whole country. I feel like the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of San Martino de Genoa Matteo Pacetti. This was stated by Giovanni Totti, President of the Region of Liguria. “We can not continue to deal with the virus in the same way as last year. The danger is that we will soon find ourselves with millions of isolated people: who will make the bread, who will drive the buses, who will teach the school, who will win the supermarket receipt, who will work in the hospital?” “, He adds.

Meanwhile, the start of booster administration will begin on January 10 with a reduced interval of 4 months from the second dose.. The date, which has so far been only a hypothesis, is confirmed by Son, Visiting the Vaccination Center at the Albini Vian Camp in Guinea. “It’s more motivating for the campaign; we’re trying to prevent the Omigran variant – he says. – I’m still concerned about the millions of people who can help prevent the virus, and especially these types.” “I’m still worried – General Figliulo insists – those 5 million and 750 thousand Italians have not yet taken any dose. Vaccines can achieve that, and they can help prevent the virus, and especially these variants. ” Much more closed compared to Omigran. We no longer see people in booster hospitals or those who have had harmful effects.

“Bringing forward a third dose for the four months from January 10 is now a balanced choice, but I do not intend to rule out anything. “We will do it if we want to run more, but we also need caution, so I hope the decision to bring the third level forward four months is balanced – he reiterates -“.

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Hope: Over 108 million doses of vaccine were given in ’12 months. The lives of thousands of people were saved and Italy was allowed to restart

School Theme: Principals are once again focusing on the use of Ffp2 in schools: Antonello Giannelli, President of the PNA, says: “I think it’s appropriate for competent health officials to reconsider the use of FFP2 masks in school. “Children who use public and dedicated transport have to wear them already to go to school. The number of victims in the last few hours tells us that the range of children affected is even higher, perhaps there are still those who have been vaccinated. Very few.”

“We have accepted the responsibility to return to the present, this is the key to this government,” and after the holiday we will return to the presence. Patricio Bianchi, The host of SkyTg24. “Where there are abnormal conditions, with isolated eruptions, regional presidents and mayors may arrange isolated closures that are not widespread and check the status quo in that cluster. But our indication is that we will return to balance,” Pianchi recalled.

In the meantime, Alessio D’Amato, Regional Councilor for Lazio Health Announced That “There are still 300,000 citizens in Lazio without even a single dose of the vaccine. We will be vaccinated on the night of December 30th. In particular, he adds, “in the centers of Rome Termini, Fiumicino Long Gold Airport, Eur Piazzale Quadrato della Concordia, Tor Vergata Le Vele and Tivoli Stadium.”

Back in Lazio, booster dose bookings for vulnerable people aged 16-17 and 12-15 have been launched. According to what I have learned, booking is usually online. Booster bookings for this time spot were expected to start from midnight.

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