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Messina, Georgia Meloni Meets Students: Opposition from Professors and Students

Messina, Georgia Meloni Meets Students: Opposition from Professors and Students

Georgia enters Meloni’s book, “I am Georgia”, with a teacher at an Italian school, and he reads “The whole social educator” on May 25, starting from the “Antonio Maria Jackie” state technical economics institute in Messina, to attend an online meeting with the leader of the Italian brothers : Those who do not do so will not have the required training credits.

“Teachers – who read the circular – will oversee the presence of the students and ensure that they maintain the relevance of the meeting to its full duration; they will take care to detect the presence of students, which are Pcto (paths to valid skills) and orientation, version and then report them to competent teachers”.

To sign the circular, No. 233, Chief Editor Maria Rosaria S.G.R. The meeting will also be attended by Ella Buccal, Member of Parliament, President of the Italian Brothers School. The circular referred to Meloni as a “Member of Parliament and Writer”. But Meloni, who was contacted, denies: “Never called,” says the head of foreign direct investment. A heated statement following a note from the press office stated: “President Maloney has never called for this initiative and will not accept it under any circumstances, because the presence of politicians in schools should not always be imposed on students in any way”.

Anyway, after hearing about the circular issued yesterday, the opposition between students and parents is increasing in these hours. “My son, 17, came by boat to Egyptian, Muslim, Sicilian beach and was detained for 6 years by an unconventional family (my partner and I are not married), who are indebted to the city high school, who attend with excellent results, to attend Ms. Maloney’s book presentation, about the unjustifiable pain” , Says Dina Cominiti: “My son will participate, but I’m contradictory, I’m not censored. My son is not afraid of Meloni, but others do not have the same tools. There must be a controversy, there are organized interventions, but none of the boys are invited to intervene or political Other writers involved are not opposed to it by Mr Meloni.

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“This is a ridiculous story, I know nothing about it. I was contacted by the school, but I have no definite contract to participate in the online course,” replied Ella Buccal, headmaster at Fdi. “I refused – underscoring the FD manager – who only had contact with me to think about a meeting, with nothing definite, and among other things, the vice president I contacted this morning assured me that this was beyond a syllabus initiative, without obligation to attend And without credit ”.

“They told me that these were meetings with the authors of the books they usually do, a regular activity, and I know nothing about the circular that speaks of my presence and of Meloni,” concludes Buchalo.